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What's your best crit-fishing build?
Half Orc lvl 13 Barbarian ( Path of the Beast)/lvl 4 Fighter (Champion)/lvl 3 Rogue (Assassin) Feats :Duel Wielder/ Piercer/Mobile/Alert. Use optional Rule to change the +1 Con to +1 Agility. Multi class needs a 13+ in Strength and Dex.

Only needs 2 stats maybe 3 if you want to use Unarmored Defense, but put the top 2 in strength /dex and 3rd in con.

This is the type of character that sneaks into your house, ransacks the place destroying all your stuff, then wakes you by breaking both your legs, then gets the extortion money ... fun time had by all,... well maybe by you at least . :)

Gain automatic crits for that turn when you surprise enemy, for those turns I would use Action Surge so you could doe a second action like extra attack all over again as automatic crits on hit.

Gets a bonus attack every round, which i feel will be net more damage then the great axe would for this build.

Consistently (like every Turn) gain combo of Advantage+ Crits on a roll of 19-20.

Can add 3d8 to all weapon crits, and 4d8 to piercing weapon crits.

Can if needed avoid OAs with Mobility Feat , then use Cunning Action to either dash or hide as a bonus action, hiding is a way to avoid possibly the enemy taking advantage on attack rolls on you if you used reckless attack.

Has option to equip a shield instead of an off hand weapon for the extra +1 AC ( +1 because with duel wielder equipping a weapon in each hand gives +1 AC, and unequipping it for a shield is only a net +1 AC bonus.)

Combat looks like this : first Attack rapier 1d8+strength mod+3 from rage+2d6 Sneak Attack, if crits its a bonus 4d8 to crit damage. Second Attack use Tail Attack, it has reach( piercing damage), if hits its a 1d8+strength mod+3 from rage+2d12 from infectious fury, bonus attack use Tail again for same as above for second attack, or the off hand battle axe if uses of infectious fury have ben used up. For battle axe sheath rapier as a free action when you start the attack so you can then make it as a two handed attack so the crit damage would be 3d10, then after the attack last action is the second free action to draw the rapier again to have it at start of next turn.

Is duel wielding instead of just using the normal Great Axe, because sneak attack needs a finesse weapon, and needs to be a melee weapon that is using strength to take full usage of all the extra damage.

Takes a bit like 12 levels before it starts to really get fully on line, the rest after lvl 12 is basically improvement to what is already there, but that is normally about the case with multiclassing.

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