D&D 5E Best "Late Stage" 5e-Compatible Products?


Let's assume that someone isn't planning on a) purchasing the official 2024 WotC books; and b) doesn't want to go all-in on something like Tales of the Valiant.
Where we stand right now, with what has been released, what are considered some of the best 5e-compatible products? Maybe it's a revised monster book? Perhaps it's something that adds play options (crafting, psionics, campaign management, etc.)?

So far I'm thinking of things like MCDM's Kingdoms and Warfare, Strongholds and Followers, and Flee Mortals; EN Publishing's Level Up line. Anything else?

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Hit Point Press’ Humblewood setting was really good IMO. It did a good job of creating a unique vibe for a 5e setting while offering some pretty interesting race options for it.

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