best looking rpgs ! aka, i likes the artz ! :D


so i just picked up numenera and i was super impressed with the book. great art design and sensibility. they put a great deal of thought into layout (interspersing each page with an illo or three)...and the choice of illustrations is by and large very good. great font and design sense here (loving the clean aesthetic). easily one of the best books i have seen just from an art and layout perspective. got me to thinking B-)....which rpg's are your favorites on a visual level?

now this doesn't just have to be art and interior illustrations it can also go to typeface/layout/themes which added to overall readability and mood. so, let's limit this to two per post...
i've got numenera as one and reaching way back for my second -how's about deities and demigods :cool:. i just love this many great illustrations (i love the old tsr illustrators ... errol otus, jeff dee ..only miss with this book was no bill willingham :.-( but still a standout book). the elric section alone is worth the price of admission.
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