Best recent campaign setting?


Pants said:
How does IK 'blow Eberron away' when they're two completely different styles of settings?

Who cares if they are different or not? The topic was "best" recent campaign setting. I think Iron Kingdoms is the best recent campaign setting. I think Freeport blows Eberron away too and it's completely different from IK and Eberron as well.

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Sundragon2012 said:
Also for a D&D like experience using a variation on those rules, Mongoose's Conan game is amazing. The mechanics are rock solid, the atmosphere is top notch and the sourcebooks are some of the best being created in the industry today. I never liked Mongoose Publishing until now. Prior to Conan I simply thought of them in regards to those Quintessential books that I wan't too great a fan of.

Conan is excellent if you want a gritty game where everyone and their mother isn't carrying around potions, scrolls and +1 swords at least. Its a setting where warriors are the movers and shakers. There is magic but it isn't like D&D's standard stuff.

I 100% agree with the above. Although for the sake of this thread, it's not really a "new" campaign setting. But if you are looking for something different than standard D&D, Conan is amazing. It's my 2nd favorite d20 book (after Grim Tales).


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Wow, I wasn't expecting this thread to continue.

Thanks for all the suggestion, I will try to get more information on all of those settings and make my choice based on the comments you made and what I will read.

BTW, I read the review of Iron Kingdom world guide at and it seems very interesting from what I read there.

Thanks again.


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Frukathka said:
For me? Easy. A Game Of Thrones (DLE).
It's not out yet, right?

I went on the GOO's and White Wolf's sites and it seems to be comming out soon in a deluxe edition. But I don't see a normal edition anywhere else.

The Cardinal

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The Wilderlands evoke Tolkien?????????? Why? Because of Dwarfs, Elfs & Halfllings? Or because of half-demon empires, radioactive deserts, psionics, and blue-skinned humans?

Whizbang Dustyboots

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The Cardinal said:
The Wilderlands evoke Tolkien?????????? Why? Because of Dwarfs, Elfs & Halfllings?
Because they're fairly traditional.

He's not looking for high fantasy or sword and sorcery. He's looking for something different.

Oh, and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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