Best recent campaign setting?


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Whizbang got it right, I'm looking for something original and different from Forgotten realms/Greyhawk/Dragonlance/LotR.

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The Cardinal

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well, IMHO this still leaves Wilderlands - but if something more different yet still D&D is required:

- Dark Legacies
- Iron Kingdoms
- Nyambe
- Northern Crown

not d20/D&D:

- Secret of Zir'An
- High Medieval

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Beholder said:
It's not out yet, right?

I went on the GOO's and White Wolf's sites and it seems to be comming out soon in a deluxe edition. But I don't see a normal edition anywhere else.
I managed to get it at GenCOn.


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Well, since I can't find a single review or preview of a Game of Throne, could someone give me a small introduction.


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More Historic Settings

The most exciting settings I've seen are a more historic approach to gaming

Alea Publishing has a very solid 'A Question of Honour' that is a much better approach to knighthood and all its trappings. Also thier profession and Subclass idea is really solid.

Green Ronin has a Medieval Players Manual - a low magic high believability setting.

In earlier game editions Monsters were easier opponents to deploy because they were powerful without being complicated (a generalization). One of the things about 3rd edition that I found is that since virtually everything is getting class skills and levels a historic campaign where your enemies are other characters seems a lot more normal.


Keith Robinson

My two votes go for Freeport and the Iron Kingdoms.

Freeport is just slightly off the cuff and sets a really nice atmosphere and tone for the campaign (DM dependant, of course). I just really like it. Unfortunately, however, i's out of print, so you'd probably have to find a copy on ebay.

The Iron Kingdoms also comes with its own tone and is slightly wacky, but a lot of fun. It's also covered in a lot more detail than Freeport and is still in print.

If I had to choose, I'd go for Freeport, but hey, that's just me.

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