Best system for historical roleplaying?

Real world historical with the addition of some supernatural elements. Particularly medieval or early modern Europe. Is this something Zweihander can do?
What do you want to play as? What style of game? What are the PCs doing? And medieval and early modern is a wide range. For that matter what level of crunch do you enjoy, and what level of authority over the gameworld do you think the GM should have?

I'd look at Fate or Blades in the Dark for many campaigns depending how gritty I wanted it. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (or Zweihander) does certain late medieval and early modern well, Pendragon does its setting well. GURPS is excellently researched and gritty, although I'd recommend the sorucebooks more than the system.


Arcadian Knight
Too many variables.
Want medieval mages as the central and the only potent archetype try Ars Magica and Pendragon if you want magic to be all DM side of screen.
Want older eras? with perhaps pervasive but lower tone magic RuneQuest is a possibility.
Want Cinematic that can have hobbits along side Aragon, Glimli and Legolas, yes Fate will work.
There are probably many others that could do the trick with varying amounts of work and which might introduce differing point of view and styles of roleplay (Burning Wheel mayhaps)