D&D 2E Best/Worst Birthright Player's Secrets?


I've been trying to decide which if any of the many Player's Secrets modules for Birthright are worth buying. I've found a variety of posts saying they're of uneven quality, but not any calling out particularly good or bad ones. Any recommendations?

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Good question. I would be interested as well.

I have a PDF of a couple Birthright things but only the Hoganmark, Muden, Halskapa, and Stjordvik Player's Secrets and I've only read a little of the Halskapa and Stjordvik fantasy Viking area ones which seemed fine. The mix of fantasy D&D Vikings and druidism is an interesting hook but I have not delved deeply enough into it to comment on the quality of the execution. Stjordvik is kind of interesting in a metastory way in that it is a bankrupt kingdom and was the last Birthright print Player Secret kingdom to come out when TSR was heading to bankruptcy.

I'd be especially interested in peoples' views of the fantasy Arab player secret areas like Airya or the dwarf and elf ones Baruk Azhik and Tuarhievel.
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I have most of them, and as you said, the quality was variable. Get them all if you can anyway. It was a great setting.
It really felt like there was little or no unified vision during the development, so some of the Anuirean books were underwhelming, while the Rjurik books were overladen. The Khinasi books were okay...hmm, might have been dependent on their experience writing domain books, the early ones were lower quality than the later ones...ah well...

Definitely get Ilien. Ilien rocks!

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