better gaming through chemistry

jim pinto

First Post

i want to thank everyone for their help so far

its nice to see that we could generate 5 pages of interest on this topic

there's no guarantee that this will be a monster hit, but i really need to get this topic done and out of my system, so i can do the projects i want to do.

when i have more information to share, i'll be sure to post it here

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JoeGKushner said:
What about knowledge of the rules? Players should understand the rules of the game. There should be progessive knowledge increase as players continue to play. You should not be wondering how power attack works six weeks into the game.

How about having a character sheet tha's clean and easy to read? Having all appropriate bonuses totalled up? Having variants precalculated for Power Attack or other commonly used modifiers?
What I wouldn't give for players who did this...

The flip side of the first point being the armchair DM who knows the rules better than you and gets miffed when you don't want to run your game their way.

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