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D&D General BG3 Massive Spoiler Thread

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If, like me, you weren't paying enough attention when building a custom PC and let the game pick a default that doesn't make sense you can respec your character. Go north along the coast and go to the ruins, free the undead Withers. From then on when you take a long rest you can chat with him and change your character. Does cost you some gold.

You can change anyone in the party.


Last night, I watched somebody discover a farmhouse.

where a fight then happened cuz the streamer interrupted the making of a Half-Ogre/Orc


Well, I'm in the Underdark ... and I'm terrified. Had to reload after a Bulette ambush, just had to drop down fights with Minotaurs and Duergar slavers. They've done a great job. God I need to level up, my Sorcerer needs their Fireball.

A little extra firepower never hurt anyone!


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