D&D 5E Bigby Doesn't Call His Homeworld Oerth :)


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Who are you going to believe, the Freeway System (it's on the 101 NORTH of LA) or actual Maps?!?! ( ;) )
While US 101 is a "north-south" highway, it runs primarily east-west for 115 miles from LA to Gaviota. I must admit that, as a native Southern Californian, the resulting geographic confusion has become a minor pet peeve of mine. Apologies for the pedantics!

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Spoiler, near the famous city the castle of Greyhawk is now a famous planar hub, and now the city of Greyhawk is like Sigil or the Radiant Citadel, receiven planar trader and visitors from other wildspaces.

Second spoiler: Within the city there is a secret demiplane working like a "mirror universe" with planar gates toward the "twin planets": Yarth, Aerth, Uerth, Earth.. These worlds also suffered their own version of the "Sundering" (and you could blame Vecna and the troubles caused by him in Sigil).

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