Bigby's hand and wildshape question.


So with the new eberron book it is possible to play a Sentinel dragonmarked human with the druid class. This gives the druid access to the bigby's hand spell. This is my question...

Bigby's hand states "The hand is an object that has AC 20 and hit points equal to your hit point maximum." So what happens if you are wildshaped? Does it's hitpoints equal your human form HP's or does it take the animal/elemental form HP's?


Possibly a Idiot.
It would have to be the hit point maximum at the time you cast the spell. Any other interpretation leads into an immortal hand that constantly resets it's hp to be equal with your Max HP. Which clearly isn't the intent of the spell.

That said, you don't even have to worry about it unless you are a level 18 Moon Druid. And at that point a 126 hp Hand, while beefier than normal, is hardly the most gamebreaking thing you can do.


Ok thanks. Yeah my interpretation was the same as yours. At high levels a shifted moon druid could cast bigby's hand and it would assume the shifted forms HP's. Not broken but a nice side benefit to be sure.