D&D 5E Bladesinger-Undead Warlock build choices


I am playing a Drow bladesinger/Undead Warlock currently level 5/1. My plan was to continue to level 6 Wizard then to level 6 in Undead chain Warlock and have a Tank build, back to wizard for the last 0-3 levels. The campaign will end somewhere between level 12 and 15. I am the only Wizard and the only Warlock in the party. The others are Monk, Barbarian, Cleric/Druid, Bard, Rogue. At W4 I picked up Fey touched with Silvery Barbs and boosted Charisma to 14 (I16, D16, C10).

Since 3rd level I have been pretty much the party tank, doing frankly poor damage in melee but sucking up attacks and throwing down frightened regularly from form of dread, or more recently Fear. The Frightened condition gives awesome battlefield control. I put down occasional Wither and Bloom to heal someone (rarely me) and using vortex Warp or more recently Thunder step to move party members around the battlefield.

Then two things happened in the campaign:
1. We got some spellbooks with 90 spells in them including spells of every level up to 8th.

2. I got a shield guardian, which not only means I have a sky high AC, I now effectively have the most hit points in the party since he could take half my damage (which is really rare anyway, I think my 33hps will actually last longer in melee than his 142}, I have been through 4 straight battles, frontline in all of them, without being damaged. I can load the Shield Guardian with a spell so I can essentially concentrate on 2 things at once (me one and him one). This brings in a lot more options for combos like Haste and Fear or Fear and Slow or Blur and Haste ..... or I could go TWF with 2 daggers with Hex and Haste with 3 attacks and a cantrip every turn (note one of my daggers is +1, which is why I use a dagger as my main weapon). If I am dual wielding I lose shield spell, but my AC in my +2 Studded (17), baldesong (+3), haste (+2) , standing next to my shield guardian (+2) is still 24 and I can cast SB on the first hit that gets through all that.

These things have made me rethink the plan to do more Warlock levels. Now I think I might stop at Warlock 2 (pick up Protection from Good and Evil, Devil's sight and Eldritch Mind). I also think I need to offload Armor of Agathys, originally it was going to be a well of temp hps upcast to 3rd level, but I get temp hit points from Form of Dread anyway and I don't lose them quickly enough to need more.


Oh FWIW her Patron is the Drow Banshee Kiaransalee.
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