Blood, Guts & Glory - it's finished, and it's free!

I'm happy to announce that Blood, Guts & Glory is now finished and available for download.

For those of you who don't know (i.e. most of you), the game is:

  • Not strictly a retro-clone; as it's a mash-up of two systems rather than a strict emulation of one. Which two systems it puts together should be obvious from the weapon and critical strike tables, but obviously I can't specifically claim compatibility with either system by name here.
  • A full game in a single book.
  • Complete with its own setting - a post-apocalypse Elizabethan England populated by anthropomorphic animals - but also containing guidelines for those who want to run a more generic fantasy game.
  • Completely free, as usual.

At this time, I'm not releasing a print-on-demand version. This first "printing" is digital only.

I want to give the text time to settle after the inevitable reporting of typos and stuff (yes, it has been proofread and play-tested, but there are always some errors that slip through that process - and I'd rather they were caught before I send it to the printers).

The game can be downloaded from my website, here

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First Post
What systems/editions is it emulating/mish-mashing? I'm guessing one of them is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, by the fact you're talking about the SRD in the beginning.

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