Release Bloodwing Ship (Spelljammer)


Bloodwing Ship is a singular Spelljammer ship of 4 decks, made from the carcass of a gigantic beetle by a lich and empowered by the soul of a necromancer pirate captain, under a Greater Undead ritual, creating a vampire ship. It is crewed by strigoi (feral vampires) created by the ship by transforming other humanoids into it's slaves.

Product includes:
  • 18 page full cover supplement PDF
  • 300 ppi full deck plans (24 x 36) printable PDF
  • 300 ppi full deck plans (sliced into 8 x 10) PDF for home printing
  • 100 ppi full deck plans, ready to use in VTT
  • 70 ppi full deck plans, ready to use in Roll20
This is set to Pay What You Want, with a suggested price of $1.99

This was created as a stand-alone product and advertising for the upcoming Arcane Armada Spelljammer ship collection. I officially released Arcane Armada 2 weeks ago, but then I wanted to make it POD printed as a hardcover, and it turned out, I had to pull that product from sales, while it goes through the print setup process. It was finally accepted, but I have to make approval of the printed book being shipped to me now. I expect to get in July... so that product won't be released until then. If you cannot find the product, this is why...

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