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Book Recommendation


Looking for recommendations for fiction books. Topic: fantasy with a lean towards the natural world, almost druidic or other focus on how the natural spirits and myths of the earth interact.

She does not like gore or excessive violence, or explicit sex.

Books she's really liked, as a reference:
The Buried Giant
Harry Potter series

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It’s really more for kids ish, the way Harry Potter is, but The Wild Robot series seems like a perfect fit here. They’re very good books, but kidsy. Think she would adore even if not on her level.

And moodwise all the Ray Bradbury that’s not space, like Illustrated Man or Dandelion Wine, would be great, but not Druid and probably a force to like strech for her, but can’t imagine her personality not liking.

Maybe closest to what you’re looking for, the first 3 forgotten realms books, darkwalker on Moonshae, black wizards and the other one name I forget.
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