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And from left field, What do you think Bootezu look like? Be descriptive

Pure, unadulterated, unmoderated, evil blackness. Pits of despair and anger, desperation and loathing. And they must have wings, no question. So basically, like any other demon...

I promise to put even less effort into my next post. I'm going for the world record 'least effort in a forum post', hoping to surpass McKenzie's 2006 title holding lack-of-effort. Well... 'surpass' might be the wrong word...


First Post
I always think that they have no lips, black flesh pulled back a sickly amount to protrude the image of a snarlie, square grin, with jagged and sharp white teeth. Lots of drool, too, so when you smack 'em a little slobber flies through the air!

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