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Borderlands Film


The Elephant in the Room (she/her)
Roland was kind of the straight man of the crew in the first film, so casting Kevin Hart, whose acting range begins and ends at "Kevin Hart", was certainly a weird choice, but I also don't need a 1:1 recreation of the video game's plot or cast. And say that you will about Kevin Hart, he's at least usually pretty damn funny.

But yeah, a lot of the casting is like "what would the perfect cast have looked like in the 90's".

Apparently the behind the scenes scuttlebutt was that filming was a disaster, test audiences hated, and they had to do an endless amount of re-shoots.

I'm just hoping that it's fun, which could be possible whether it's good or bad.

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Looks great!

Edit: It's not oscar bait folks. Cate would nail it even if she was 90, and a straight man Hart might be a fun contrast from "Hart" Hart. Wasn't so long ago Jack Black was always "Jack Black".
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#1 Enworld Jerk™
This looks absolutely cringe.

But then again, the dialogue and "jokes" in the games are cringe and age like milk.

So, it seems tonally consistent at least.
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I'm no fan of Eli Roth and no fan of video game films in general (thanks, Uwe Boll), but the trailer for the new Borderlands film actually looks like a bunch of fun!

I look forward to seeing this one in theaters!
I am curious about it, looks fun.


I never played the video games, but it does look like it could be entertaining.
Agreed. With this and Prime's Fallout, we seem set for post-apocalyptic sci-fi for the time being.

I haven't played any Borderlands or Fallout games myself, but I am somewhat familiar with their concepts. I think I will enjoy both.

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