Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (GM Sign-Up)


At this point in time, still two-three weeks until Player Sign-ups (I'll solidify the date/time that we'll open up player sign-ups this weekend), I'm not too worried about anyone having to run two games.

There are a few folk who traditionally run games and I think at least a couple will do so, again. I'll see what I can do about putting a bug in some ears who may have lost sight of this.

Also, if we do need someone to GM twice, I will run two games (I prefer to run, rather than play).

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Be a mighty sorceror with a spark of divine power, a hulking ogre
cursed by the gods, or even a lesser mortal.

Experience a swords and sorcery setting where magic is powerful, but
very dangerous for the wielder.

Get an early look at a new rpg a year before it is published.

I would like to run a morning and an afternoon session, and 8 players
is fine, with 6 being ideal.


Bedrock Games


I will be updating this thread tomorrow or Sunday with the new games and with the date that we will open up Player Signups.

At the moment, I see two games on the list, a write-up for two game slots just above this post, a write-up for an afternoon game on the Circvs Maximvs forums. We also have Umbran running Atomic Robot and Kassegore interested in running something, here, and two people on the Circvs Maximvs forums.

That means we have 5 slots filled, another slot reserved for Umbran's game and three slots that have interest.
[MENTION=16485]ShadowDenizen[/MENTION] - I'm more than happy to run a second game if you would prefer to play (assuming we don't get another interested party). I'm interested in running my scenario a second time using the Airship Pirates system. If you want to run a game, however, by all means feel free to snag a slot.


Unless there's a sudden, unexpected outburst for a CoC game, feel free to take that second slot, [MENTION=8964]FickleGM[/MENTION]! (And thanks for asking!)


Mod Squad
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So, some details. Slot this in AM or PM as makes sense:

The Fungus Among Us

Fightin' Action Scientists of Tesladyne Industries are dispatched to Biome 3, a research facility in remote Oregon, after the station's team leader failed to report in as scheduled. It was probably just a communications gear malfunction, so there's no reason to expect any real problem at the lab devoted to the medical applications of various strains of fungi. No reason to worry at all...

Uses the upcoming FATE-based Atomic Robo rules from Evil Hat Productions. No rules knowledge or familiarity with the Atomic Robo comic book required. 4-6 players.

Those looking for a taste of Atomic Robo, however, can find some free samples here:


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Atomic Robo is an absolutely fun read. I'd be curious how the rules play out. I've seen Brian C. talking about playtests happening via his Twitter feed, but that's been about all I've seen of it.

On another topic, was anyone interested in running DungeonWorld at all?


If they are, I'll play. I've been dying to try it.

Let me reach out to someone who might be a good candidate for this (before life rescheduled his priorities, he was part of our Tuesday night group - with [MENTION=4479]Pseudonym[/MENTION] and [MENTION=88534]WalkingCorpse[/MENTION] - and has run Apocalypse World multiple times for us). Not sure if he'll be able to attend or even want to run Dungeon World, but if he does, I'll give up one of my slots for it.

If he doesn't run it, perhaps I can see about borrowing his copy (I'm fairly certain he owns it...but I might be mistaken) and trading out one of my slots to run it.

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