Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)


Absolutely. And I know JC is looking for one more player.

I've also talked Ericpat into coming; he'll jump into my game, and into something in the am.

Can't wait!

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Travel: I will cover this in more detail as we get closer to the event, but after taking a look at the MBTA schedule for the commuter rail to Beverly, I wanted to make a special note - if you are planning to take the train, please be on the 8:30am out of North Station, which will get you to Beverly at 9:03am, where we can pick you up. Likewise, we will ensure that after the final timeslot, you can be returned to the Beverly station in time for the 8:05pm heading back to Boston.

I will take the morning train.

Morning Games
2. LordBill of Bedrock Games - Sertorius - New Game (Network System, i.e. Servants of Gaius, Terror Network) - 6 to 8 players

Afternoon Games
4. Kevin "Piratecat" Kulp - PLAYTEST - The Clock Project (GUMSHOE) - 4 to 6 players

Sign me up, please.

Nertz. My trip to pick up blank d6s got axed by needing to take my cat in to the clinic (just bloodwork, but it needed to be done *today*, or we'd have missed game tomorrow!).

So, anyone who has spare Fudge/FATE dice to lend to my morning game, we'd be grateful. Not critical, as we can always substitute normal d6s, but that's just a tad clumsy.

I have a set in my bag for you to borrow.


Okay, I've got:

AM Slot
LordBill's Game:
#3: Tharian's Friend
#4: ericpat

PM Slot
P-kitty's Game:
#6: ericpat

JC's Game:
#6: Tharian's Friend


[MENTION=6746175]Kimberly614[/MENTION] - With both of those games having full rosters, could I interest you in LordBill's Sertorius game in the morning and my game in the afternoon? If someone doesn't show up for either of those games, we can probably get you in...of course, unless you are the friend of whom Tharian was speaking, in which case, are you okay with where I put you based on the above post?

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!!!


Gabe, I can fit seven if I need to; it's probably good for testing the robustness of the system, to be honest, and I have seven pre-gen characters. We can figure out details in the morning.

16 lbs of pulled pork and 15 lbs of beef brisket: DONE! Came out beautifully, with the pork on the smoker for a full 13 hours. Used apple wood.


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For clarity, I don't believe [MENTION=6746175]Kimberly614[/MENTION] is our friend unless she has a different online persona than her offline one. But no one does that on these boards, right?


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Okay, this sucks.

I'm sorry, but I think I have to bail. I've a cat who hasn't been eating well for a week, and, well, we need to take him in to get X-rays. Today, like in a few minutes. And while my wife is more than capable of handling this, I *cannot* leave her to handle the potentially very bad news alone. If I did, I'd run a really crappy game.

If we quickly find out this is something really benign, I'll be along and may have to start a little late. But otherwise, well, I have bigger fish to fry today.

Again, folks, I am horribly sorry. People were counting on me, and I'm likely letting them down.

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