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Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)

Salad Shooter

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Okay, this sucks.

I'm sorry, but I think I have to bail. I've a cat who hasn't been eating well for a week, and, well, we need to take him in to get X-rays. Today, like in a few minutes. And while my wife is more than capable of handling this, I *cannot* leave her to handle the potentially very bad news alone. If I did, I'd run a really crappy game.

If we quickly find out this is something really benign, I'll be along and may have to start a little late. But otherwise, well, I have bigger fish to fry today.

Again, folks, I am horribly sorry. People were counting on me, and I'm likely letting them down.

As someone who is in your game, and someone who lost a pet at the end of last year, take care of your family. Hopefully all ends up well, and we'll see you for some great gaming

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Hey all.
[MENTION=91567]Scoundrel[/MENTION] and I are running late but en route. (Blame scoundrel.)

I always bring more Rpg stuff then I need to, so I can run something if weneed to, unles someone else has stepped up or we condense games?


Mod Squad
Staff member
Thanks all, for understanding and support. And again, I am sorry. But, we are glad we did it.

After X-rays (which didn't tell us much) and then a trip to the referral hospital for ultrasound, we have discovered that poor Percy has a couple things going on - he's got a kidney infection and a lump in his lungs. We have our fingers crossed that the lump is what they call an "incidental finding", benign, and not making him sick. The infection we're treating with antibiotics and some pain meds, and hope that he responds well to treatment.

Hey Umbran -- was sorry to hear you guys couldn't make it. Good luck with everything for Percy.
Just want to thank FickleGM for hosting a fantastic Boston Gameday, and to LordBill and FickleGM for running some exciting games today. Was good to see everyone I've met before and rarely get to see, and to meet all the others I hadn't before--hopefully we don't go another year before the next one!

Salad Shooter

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Thanks to our gracious hosts and GMs, and everyone else, for an awesome day. It was good to see everyone again, and get some more actual dice rolling in (something sorely lacking in my life).

Some highlights...

-Playing in TWO new game playtests. Both look very interesting
-Resurrecting a dead brain wasp as a zombie, converting it to the light side, and getting info from it.
-Surviving getting viciously assaulted by another big wasp - stupid bugs.
-Picking my first lock, for real like, (Thanks, "Tharian's Friend!")
-Completely and totally routing a time criminal by hijacking his trap, and then playing the "longest of long cons" and imbedding a spy/ringer/heavy drinker into the Mongol leader's close personal retinue for SEVENTEEN YEARS just to totally blow the plans of said time criminal in a hilarious fashion.

As a sometimes GM, we like to say that one of the greatest rewards is hearing players talking about our games after they are over. As a player, it's awesome to have the chance to hear our GM telling the stories of what crazy methods the players inflicted upon their story. I think I love the GUMSHOE system a little more, every time I play it, since it seems to lend itself to the open playing that really lets players bring out the lunacy.

Anyway, looking forward to the next one.

Thanks again!

This gameday was awesome! Thanks to Fickle GM and Co for hosting. Thanks to Qualidar for a great game!

A special thanks to my players, who took a game I had been toying with for 2 years and made it more awesome than I ever dreamed possible. I can only plan so much, it was awesome when you really took it to another level. You made the world and the characters your own. I hope you had as much fun playing as I did running.


I am so grateful to our hosts. This was a fantastic venue: a beautiful home, plenty of space, and fantastic energy from everyone! Also, thank you everyone who made sure I didn't need to bring home any leftovers from the BBQ. You guys rock.

My playtest went incredibly well due to clever, clever players. I am still getting a hang of some time travel mechanics. For instance, the PCs appeared in the Mongol steppes and got ambushed by Mongols. They turned and fled, dropping back in time. "How does our enemy know we're here?" they asked. But then they realized that their enemy didn't necessarily know; the only thing proven so far was that someone had set them up to be attacked. Brilliantly, they then arranged for their OWN ambush. I mean, they already knew they'd survive, right? And now there was no proof their quarry was on to them yet.


I loved the Savage Worlds Deadlands game. It was less old west and more Mississippi riverboat/Steampunk than I'd considered, but it was a huge blast playing a huckster and playing cards with the devil in order to cast spells. Had a great time.


I would like to give everyone involved a heartfelt THANK YOU!

From my wife, daughters and our wonderful friend, Kim, who all helped so much in preparing for and participating in the game day...

To everyone who contributed to the game day in the form of food, supplies, money, jokes, laughter and the sweet, sweet sound of gaming that permeated the house!

A special thank you to Kevin for his superb meat, which as always, was a big hit.

Thank you all for making it such a great day! I don't know if we'll get an opportunity to host, again, but if we do, we would do it in a heartbeat. If we don't, we definitely look forward to attending the next one...and the next one...and the next one... :)

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