Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)


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It turns out that Dantilla volunteers with someone that recently moved into the area. She will check with her later on to see if she's interested and available for playing at the game day. We'll keep you posted.

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Bruce, I have to laugh. This is the notification email I just got:

"Dear Piratecat,

A loveable scoundrel has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to."

I thought EN World had achieved sentience and was making judgment calls about our members.


Explorer's time for food talk (well, it's been time, but I haven't had time).

Breakfast - Bring something to share. We will have some liquid refreshments on hand, but if you have beverage preferences, either mention it here (or in a PM) and we can see if we can accommodate you. I am the only coffee drinker and I get coffee free at work, so I get by with a small Keurig at home. This means that I have to figure out how to have coffee on hand.

Snacks - Bring your own snacks and drinks...bring some to share if you'd like. We will have some drinks, but can't ensure we have enough variety or quantity.

Lunch - We are planning to have foods available at lunch, since there are no food establishments within walking distance. We are currently in "negotiations" with a certain feline buccaneer who is known for his BBQ. There will also be sides and other options. If you partake in the provided food, please be prepared to donate to the food cause (the amount will be determined based on math, but will be reasonable).

We will also have a list of places that can be reached by car and allow one to be back by the time the second game starts.

Dinner - I am thinking that we can order pizzas for any who want to, and are able to, chip in and stick around after the final game. Probably something like Domino's, in this case...

Anyway, this is just a rough, rushed start, as I'm getting ready for work. Feel free to chime in and we'll get it solidified. If you have any dietary restrictions, you are more than welcome to PM or post it here.


Would anyone driving up from Cambridge/Somerville be happy to give techbint and I a lift there or back? Happily chip in for petrol, etc. We don't have US licences so can't drive. No worries if not we'll just get the commuter rail.

Can be flexible on where to be for picked up from T permitting - but most likely to be staying somewhere near the Red Line.

PM me.


I want to also mention that [MENTION=94081]Kassegore[/MENTION] has a scenario for Pathfinder in the GM Sign Up thread and I would like to gauge interest in it. Please feel free to PM me or just reply in either thread if you are interested in that game. We are running light on a few games and if we have to shuffle a game to increase attendance & fun, I will work to make that happen.

Otherwise, if you are just sitting on the fence, hop off and sign up for a game.

And...please reply regarding food, from the post a couple up from this one. :)


A little over three weeks until gameday. There are still plenty of slots open, as well.

There is also a Pathfinder game waiting in the wings, in case there is more interest in that.

In addition, anyone who wishes to partake in food should let me know if they have any restrictions that we should account for.

I'm looking forward to this!

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