Bounty: Milosh Drown (B-72G41)



Name of the accused criminal: Milosh Drown
Date the incident occurred (as it is in the United States): Unknown (reported 6-7-05)
Time the incident occurred (pacific time): Unknown (reported 7pm PST)
Place the incident occured: Emporium Marketplace
What crime took place: 2 counts of Kidnapping
Notes: The incident was reported as two women having been kidnapped from Emporium by a man called Milosh. Claims of witnesses have been presented. Juxtan authorities seek to speak with Mr. Milosh concerning the allegations.
Description of accused criminal: Unknown, given information is that the suspect is a man by the name of Milosh. Further information or a description of the suspect is sought.
Bounty Number: B-72G41
Reward: 500 gold pieces for capture. The suspect is wanted alive for questioning.

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First Post
Additional information as of this evening:

The man named Milosh was in the Emporium but only identified as such later, after he'd left. Description: a little over average height for a human male, shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes, young but adult in apparent age (early to mid twenties). Clothing as of this evening: white shirt, dark pants, tan belt, pouches but no openly displayed weapons.

Jack Ketch claimed Milosh has now also kidnapped Jack's son, but this occurred in the garden of the CrossRoads Tavern on Oerth which not part of this jurisdiction. I suggested he inform the authorities there.

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