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Bounty Offered

I hereby offer a bounty for the head of Harlock in the amount of 10 platinum and 20 mithril coins. He has been insulting women and feeling as if he is better than everyone here. He appears to be a Were creature so silver weapons are offered.

Malicki Silverhair Vendree

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-The man that is Mac, moves to the boards scanning over al the bits and pieces, a sigh coming from his ips at the bounty offer, he turns and walks away, emerging once again a short while after tackin up a small note of his own. The note written in a well trained hand.-

Sir Vendree

No matter how rude this man is to the ladies there will always be people like him, there wil always be somone out to love all the women and kill and the man, eliminating all compition so his can have his easy pickings, or so he thinks.

I can be sure there are others out there who are with you in wanting this man dead, but honestly my good sir, people need more the just the name Harlock! More details are needed then what has been given, such a small mistake could cost the ife of a good innocent person, nothing like the one you're after. Hire a painter to paint a portrait.. Give a sirname perhaps. I know who you are after personally, I've seen him in action so to speak, but I will not do your dirty work.

Give more and more will be given in return.

-The note is signed with an elegant signaature.-

Den'Mac Coban.


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In a practiced hand, a note states:

"I do not get it, you are some kind of fool, if you place a bounty on the head of someone for nothing more then insults you will be as guilty for murder as the man or woman that kills him. For all your wit this has to be your one of your more foolish ideas. To drag anyone else into openly only verifies it. I hope you read this well and understand what it means, what you are asking."

Harlock nightshade is being accused of more than the insults......but as of now all one needs to know is that the house I place this on behalf of has other charges.

*places an exact image of Harlock upon the boards below the message*
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A drow dressed in a red dress comes up the board reading over the notes, Smiling she pulls out a parchment and quill writing in calligraphy style.
"If you want this man's head, then you shall get it. Anyone who insults a lady and thinks they are higher then others, then they shall be punished."


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A heavily cloaked individual obviously of the female gender, cackles a little upon the completion of reading all the little pieces of paper. She lifts a gloved hand, scribbling on the bottom of the previous note.

"That is everybody. You gonna catch and punish us all?"

Then wanders off, leaving the linger scent of sandalwood.

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