Bounty: sonny_black



Accused: sonny_black
Date: August 8 2004 (rl, of course)
Time: Approx. 15:00 PST
Crime:Murder of one Zeren in the CrossRoads Tavern, Oearth.

Description: Sonny is over six feet tall and a human male. His hair is a luxuriant curling brown, shaved short on the sides, but done so it fell in curls near his eyes. He has very strong features, from high cheekbones to an almost-hooked nose. He likes to wear monochrome black outfits: black slacks, black silk gloves, black shirt, black suit jacket, and the polished black shoes. Hanging from his right hip is a repeating crossbow with obvious signs of modification and from his left hip, a masterwork scabbard designed to hold a rapier, bearing a symbol of a black dragon gnawing on the roots of a many branched tree.

Bounty Number: N-351

Reward: 20,000 GP dead or alive Please seek Siani, Crossroads Tavern owner to claim bounty

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First Post
Walks up to the boards, reading the bounty for his own murder with a small chuckle...

If there is one thing I've learned in the past few weeks, it would have to be forgiveness. And since I'm now alive...all is forgiven. Sonny, I'll let you get away with this one...


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