Brigandine, Lamellar, and Aventails... Oh My!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some equipment art of swords, polearms, Eastern weapons, and others. Now it's the turn of armour! From brigandine to ringmail to lamellar to the do maru, and helms from kettle hats, kabuto, aventail, and the great helm, this art by Egil Thompson is for the WOIN roleplaying game.




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First Post
It's really nice work, but those Ring Mail and Brigandine designs hurt my head. >_<

The brigandine wasn't. If made properly the plates would have been sandwiched between two layers of something (leather, burlap, or the like), with only the rivet heads showing. (Which is most likely where 'studded leather' came from.)

But, yes, very nicely done. Congrats to all involved.


I like it.

Nit: That leather armor is a lot fancier than most was.

It may be a touch fancy, but at least it's not depicted as a simple shirt or something made out of leather like in many fantasy games. Actual leather armour would have been made of relatively thick pieces of boiled leather with a certain amount of rigidity. Fantasy games have a bad habit of depicting leather armour as little more than clothes, which is just painfully wrong.

Loving all of this equipment art!

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