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Kickstarter [Broken Eye Books] Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird (fiction)


From the creators of Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Ride the Star Wind, and Nowhereville, here comes the next short story anthology! Broken Eye Books is publishing original stories of the revolution, whether that revolution be political, social, sexual, identity-based, neurological, artistic, or spiritual.

Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird tackles the theme of change, of revolution, with tales of resilience and growth, defiance and upheaval. These are celebrations and warnings of the body, mind, and spirit. These are tales of our changing times ahead.

These acclaimed authors are mixing the weird with fantasy and sci-fi in modern and near-future tales with superpowered nationalists, CRISPR babies, alien communists, bloodsucking buildings, anarchist kids, resurrection in the post-apocalypse, and so much more.

If you're already familiar with our books, then you know how much we love anthologies, and this will be our ninth. Help us launch Whether Change today. Then lay back and let us light a fire in your belly.

And we're also offering Cooties Shot Required: There Are Things You Must Know, our anthology about the weird lives of kids, which is being published one story at a time over at Eyedolon right now.

Come join us today!


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