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Didn't we skip one (possible) elevator anyway? The sarcophagus is now in the same orientation as it was originally. When we entered, we turned it once, IIRC, having the first elevator appear. One of the next turns caused another corridor to collapse, opening the hole we went down. Among the next turns was the trapevator that we feeded with the wolf corpse. After the first full turn, we did not continue moving the elevator.

Unless I'm mistaken, of course.

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You are correct. The group skipped the "green" elevator.

BTW, the non-warforged can explore underwater, they just have to hold their breath. If you have a high-enough Con score, one can hold one's breath for a decent amount of time.

Knight Otu -

In the IC thread you said that you were creeping forward and checking for traps (or at least you seemed to imply that this is what you wanted to do.) Between you and the end of the corridor (the angry face) there are 60 feet of space, which turns out to be 96 five-foot squares (counting the floor, walls and ceiling) that you would have to search. If you were to Take 20 on each of these search checks, it would mean that the total search would take a bit over three hours to complete. Do you want to take the time, or approach this in a different way?

It actually brings up a point that I had been thinking about, which is how your spiderwalk effect actually works. The way you describe it, is that it is not like Spiderman(TM)'s ability, where you adhere to a surface in some way. It seems to actually change gravity, at least insofar as it concerns your body. It changes what you perceive as "down". Of course, we are dealing with a fictional universe, and as a GM, if I decide that gravity as a force does not exit, and that it is actually ... oh, let's say love that attracts masses to each other, I can do that.

It's also cool to think about how this feeds into the power behind a warlock. If a warlock's power comes from the Dragon Below, maybe he/she/it is trying to subvert the natural order of Eberron and further the cause of chaos and destruction. If the power is drawn from the planes of Xoriat, which could also be postulated, a similar scenario could also work.

These are the kinds of things my mind wanders off on when I am at work. It's a wonder I ever get anything done around here.


Actually, I´ve never thought on it that way, though it´s a cool way to present it (reminds me of the end of the movie Labyrinth, when David Bowie is walking on the walls and ceilings) It has also a mechanical advantage: you have both hands free if you walk on walls instead of climbing using all fours. And anyway, the power also gives you immunity to webs, so it has to do something with spiders.

What I was thinking on is that, since a warlock can use the power 24/7, it would be a natural thing for him to climb walls, and slowly would think on walls and ceilings as alternate floors (For those that have read "Ender´s game" think on when ender realizes that the opposite tem´s goal is downwards). The direction of gravity is sometimes downwards, and sometimes sideways or upwards, but then, so what? Or a warlock with Flee the scene. If he abuses his power the mere concept of opening a door could turn alien to him.

Sorry, folks. Work and work-related business has kept me very ... well, busy lately. That, and I bought Civ 4 on Friday :eek:

I'm still here and will begin continue posting in the next day or two.


*copied to my other threads*

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