Level Up (A5E) Bug to report or hidden math in the MM?


Once A Fool
I have not looked at many of the new monsters yet, but needed an NPC for a game I was prepping and checked out the Mage. Looks good so far (although 16 Int seems kind of low for a 9th level mage — at least it has shield, unlike so many a WotC NPC wizard). I particularly like the presentation of spells in the stat blocks. Very clean, usable, and efficient.

But the variant mages are confusing to me, because their spells have DC 17 instead of the DC 14 that the other spells have (the shadow elf actually has one of each). I can’t figure out why. Is this a bug that needs to be reported (and if so, is it widespread throughout other entries)?

Or is there a new rule applied that changes the math in special cases that I’m just ignorant* of?

Does anyone have any insight on this?

* I must say, the many tiny rule changes that fill these books is making my goal of selectively using parts of them piecemeal a more labor-intensive challenge than I had anticipated. Wish there was a change-log for people like me.

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