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So i assumed the called shot rules in N.E.W. worked one way but then I found a different interpretation and wanted to get some clarification.

So the box on page 166 says you can spend attack dice on damage and on effects. (First saying exploits will allow you to spend on effects. Then next sentence says you can spend on knockdowns, trips, disarms etc.) This led me to believe that it is part of the standard attack roll and if you hit either it did damage or it had an effect, so for example you could trip a person with a ranged weapon by shooting them in the foot. Even without an exploit.

When I read the first options listed on page 167 it still sounds that way. (normal attack - damage, unarmed - grab, unarmed - escape a grab).

First when I read the next part about called shots I was not sure if that is a different section or a continuation. I assumed that since it called for a new attack roll (this time against Vital Defense), it would be a second attack roll, based on the original dice pool but with two lower dice (the spending two actions seemed confusing as that would be a third action)

The second time I went over it, I thought it was saying there is only one attack roll, at 2 dice less than normal, and it takes up two actions. That made more sense in some cases but they are all against the Vital Defense, which means that tripping a running ninja-dodger by shooting him in the foot is a lot easier than hitting him in the torso and doing damage. (assuming his ranged defense and vital defense are like Ashonn [page 74 - not including any starknight powers of missile deflection])

I am curious which way am I supposed to interpret it?


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It's just the one attack roll, taking two actions, with a -2d6 penalty (which is equal to about a +8 on the target's DEFENSE score, so it's not that easy!)

You're right in that those pre-gens do have very low VITAL DEFENSE scores though! They need to invest a few XP in VITAL DEFNSE skills!

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