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Just yesterday JEB started a thread I find exceptionally useful: Lists of official D&D things and where to find them.

In keeping with his project I figured it might be useful to build and maintain a list of online resources for the various campaign settings we know and love (or hate, or regard with special ambivalence, or just enjoy fighting with people over, or what-have-you...). Many of the links doubtless will be all-too familiar to many EN World members, but as new additions come in, I'll update the front page ("front page!"--err...this post) so it can build out over time to try and offer something useful to pretty much everyone. Several listed resources offer information about all the major campaign settings, while some focus only on one.

My initial links are limited to Planescape and a few general links for all official campaign settings, but that's only because I'm new to this and Planescape is the only setting with which I've done any honest work yet. Therefore, all settings but Planescape began as empty stubs or else just redundant links to the 1d4chan pages. As of the evening of 5/22/22, the Greyhawk setting now has a lot of helpful resources thanks to TwiceBorn2. If and as other members post links for the other settings, perhaps we can flesh this out to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse of links for lost, dazzled folks (like me) who're wet behind the ears with worldbuilding, adventure-building, and the like. What I'm imagining is someone who has decided on a setting they want to use, but just hasn't mastered all the lore, maps, and details yet, because that's exactly where I was in early Spring of 2021. Its focus won't be a list of how-to links; more a set of "further research" links for those who've gotten over the initial hump of "Gosh, I have to be the DM now; how'm I gonna do that?"

General Campaign Setting Links:
World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting Links: (You always remember your first.)
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Links: (An absolutely h-u-g-e world.)
  • 1d4chan. Seriously--this is the biggest world I've seen. Sword Coast just skims the surface.
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • [empty stub]
Mystara Campaign Setting Links: ("Waddaya mean, 'before Greyhawk??'" Well, Blackmoor is in there.)
Lankhmar Campaign Setting Links: (Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. A total classic.)
Ravenloft Campaign Setting Links: ("Dude, vampires!")
Dragonlance Campaign Setting Links: (DRAGONS! Lots of 'em.)
  • 1d4chan
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • [empty stub]
Dark Sun Campaign Setting Links: ("Oh, so you're saying grimdark can't be goofy?? Impossible, is it??...")
Al-Qadim Campaign Setting Links: (Bring water.)
  • 1d4chan. As campaign settings go, Al-Qadim is quite well-developed and offers fascinating adventure opportunities. Not sure, but I might be falling in love.
  • [empty stub]
Birthright Campaign Setting Links: (For the sophisticated sociopath.)
Spelljammer Campaign Setting Links: (If you've not explored this setting, you truly are in for a wild ride. Mind the hamsters.)
  • No, really: they use HAMSTERS. Look, if Douglas Adams could use a simple cup of tea, then why not???
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • [empty stub]
Planescape Campaign Setting Links: (Riches, yes, but they don't embarrass me.)
Council of Wyrms Campaign Setting Links: (Slay the dragon?? No, no--you ARE the dragon.)
Diablo II Campaign Setting Links: ("Huh? What computer game?")
  • Fandom wiki. It's mostly just a stub; sources for this setting are hard to find.
  • [empty stub]
Oriental Adventures Campaign Setting Links: (including Rokugan, which apparently didn't last long)
Ghostwalk Campaign Setting Links: ("Oops, where'd it go? Oh, well--3.5 is here.")
Eberron Campaign Setting Links: ("You know what's cool? Steampunk. People love steampunk.")
Nentir Vale Campaign Setting Links: (4e stuff; looks pretty heady.)
Ravnica Campaign Setting Links: (Hey, this isn't about my preferences; it's a list for others to use as they see fit.)
  • 1d4chan
  • (courtesy of JEB)
  • [empty stub]
Theros Campaign Setting Links:
  • (courtesy of JEB)

Wildemount (Exandria) Campaign Setting Links:
  • (courtesy of JEB)

Pelinore Campaign Setting Links:

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For Greyhawk:

Canonfire! Canonfire!
Greyhawk Online Home Page - Greyhawk Online
The Greyhawk Companion: Home
Greyhawkery Greyhawkery
From Kuroth's Quill From Kuroth's Quill - grodog's AD&D blog
Greyhawk Musings Greyhawk Musings
Domain of Greyhawk Domain of Greyhawk
Greyhawk Stories Greyhawk Stories
Greyhawk Grognard Greyhawk Grognard – A blog about the World of Greyhawk, tabletop RPGs, wargames, and pop culture
Dragonsfoot: Gary Gygax’s World of Greyhawk - Dragonsfoot
Maldin's Greyhawk: Maldin's Greyhawk
Greyhawk Wiki: Greyhawk - Wikipedia
Greyhawk Fandom Wiki: Greyhawk Wiki
Greyhawk Online / The Great Library of Greyhawk Wiki Greyhawk Wiki
Greyparticle wiki: Greyhawk Wiki

Anna B. Meyer Fantasy Cartography Anna B. Meyer - Fantasy Cartography


The Grey League: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheGreyLeague
Greyhawk Grognard: https://www.youtube.com/c/GreyhawkGrognard
Lord Gosumba: https://www.youtube.com/c/LordGosumba


Greyhawk Rebooted 576 Greyhawk Rebooted 576 | Facebook
Flanaess Geographical Society: Flanaess Geographical Society | Facebook
Greyhawk Online: Log into Facebook
Greyhawk Adventures Group: Log into Facebook
Greyhawk Resources: Greyhawk Resources | Facebook

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I'm aware of off the top of my head.
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Forgotten Realms:



L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki (not D&D-focused, however)


Nentir Vale:
D&D4 Wiki (mainly focused on 4E rules and not lore)



Wildemount (Exandria):


I would have also recommended birthright.net, but they openly (and unfortunately) don't distinguish between official and fan material (except when it directly contradicts official stuff).

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