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Shades of Green

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Gateway to a Thousand Worlds
Sometime in the 21th century, a strange gateway buried under some half-ruined medieval castle was found, an arcane gateway to worlds beyond. Now, the Government sends you - an elite squad of soldiers and scientists - to investigate what lies beyond. And there, in the darkness, lie other worlds: worlds where magic is still alive, worlds warped and different, worlds ranging from the familiar to the alien. While your modern weapons give you an edge against the lesser horrors found behind the gateway, the greater horrors can only be fought and defeated by utilizing their own magic against them - and they must be defeated, lest the devour our earth!

Shades of Green

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For our Mother Earth!
In 2111 AD it has finally happened. Earth was successfully invaded and turned into yet another subject-world of the alien Imperium. But not all is lost: some of earth's colonies managed to escape subjugation, joining forces with the Imperium's sworn enemies: the reptilian Renya-kin of Nayen Tellana. The PCs are the human and Renya-Kin crew of a privateering spacecraft, out to exact revenge on the Imperial fiends, terrorize the enemy's trade-routes and bring back much needed supplies to the besieged colonies. But can they survive against the cybernetic horrors used as space-marines by the Imperium?


Off the coast of the great Celestial Kingdom in the far West, are a chain of islands ruled by feudal warrior lords. Waves of raiders from the sea have plagued several of the remote islands now for a few generations. These raiders steal the few valuables possessed by the poor inhabitants of the isles, and these inhabitants have begun to fight back. Instead of fighting them directly, they fight using methods of steath, infiltration and fear against these raiders and their trained monkey and parrot minions. Which side will win in the end?


Just discovered this beauty of a thread, and like to add my own campaigns:

Mage Wars
Centuries ago, the Mages waged their wars. From their towers, constructed both using their own magic and the engineering knowledge of the Dwarves, they waged war upon eachother.

The lesser mages soon fell, as did the temples of the priests, and everyone and everything else that happened to be in the line of fire. Only once the remaining mages where out of reach did the war halt.

The world's population was decimated. Races intermingled, orc mixing with human, halfling mixing with elf. Over time, the concept of Gods was forgotten, people focussing on everyday life, with the constant threat of a Mages Tower reminding everyone that the use of Magic of any kind was a sure way to get you killed. Swift, Violently, and without concern of bystanders.

Now, something has changed. A small group discovers that there are magic users active again. Some of them among their own. The effect is local, which is made painfully obvious when they enter the realm of another mages tower and witness the destruction of an associated magic user there.

Theirs is the task to gather information from the ruins of the small mage towers, to rekindle the believe in the Gods, to fight the evil magic users that rise alongside them, and to find out what happened.

(campaign with an abundance of half-races, with the 'evil' race being Dwarves (because they helped the Mages build their towers). PC's used currently include a half-ogre barbarian, a half-stonechild Cleric, an Elan Psion, a tiefling Wizard, an elf Ranger and a Draconian Dragon Shaman. )

Time Campaign
A small group of neanthertalls go on their quest to bring down the mighty mammoth.

Then, after centuries, stoneage people rember their former lives and adventures as Neanthertalls.

Again, centuries later, memories are awakened, the same group realising they have met before. They start to wonder about the reason, and start encountering others that live beyond the single life. Where does it lead to?

(A campaign with rotating DM's, each subsequent DM starting after several 100 years with the same characters, but (obviously) in a new time period, in a semi-historical setting located in the Netherlands. We've gone from neanthertalls 'till 30 BC now, and we're not sure where it will end....)
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Imagine, if you will, a coral polyp being awakened, then cloning itself over and over again, for thousands of years...a colony of intelligent clone-siblings.

A coral colony could be a truly formidable opponent, especially if the sedentary lifestyle of coral is unsatisfactory to the awakened polyps...and they go insane.

OTOH, they could also have quite a sophisticated culture.

Possibilities. Possibilities...

The easy way to do it would be to use the Treant as a template, make it a Coral Colony - some kind of aquatic creature with telepathic or psionic abilities....


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Take any FRPG setting & mix of races that you like, but eliminate the humans.

Things in the world have been relatively quiet. However, several scholars from various races and cultures have all independently come to the same conclusion: there is a great upheaval approaching, but it is one that can be minimized or completely avoided by the action of a great hero or heroes.

Legends vary as to the details of the method, but they all agree on one thing: it is a human who is the key to success.

The party is one of many adventuring groups tasked with somehow bringing back humanity. A committee of scholars will try to interpret the various myths and legends in an effort to make sense as to how that is to be done. As each myth is decoded, an adventuring group will be sent out to complete the mission.

How many humans and for how long is open to the interpretation of the party.

Whether humans are a new race yet to be created, an old race wiped out (possibly in a huge magical war thousands of years ago), or the root race from which the others evolved (so that some kind of retro-engineering would work) is up to the DM, and each option could drive the campaign in different directions.
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