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Mordred hates his father and his mother, so starts a rebellion seeking to impose a constitution and democracy.
The first insight is when he's dragged into court forcibly by Sir Kay and forced to be acknowledged by a concerned Arthur.
The queen's pissed and the PC's have to talk her down from having Lancelot end Arthur for his infidelity.
Lancelot and Kay impose a quest upon the PCs to "educate" Mordred in the arts of Chivalry...
Squire Mordred the Absent causes no shortage of problems for the party; repeat several times.
Arthur acknolwedges Mordred as heir; both Mordred and Guinevere go absent.
Mordred reveals Lancelot's lust for Guin... Publicly.
Cue PC's trying to either silence Mordred or stop Lance from shaming them by killing Mordred.
Guin goes missing again, PC's tasked to find her.
Guin comes back with Mordred, and has him baptized... sunday mass watches as he dissolves, being nought but a glamour...
Real Mordred is hiding out with Merlin, PC's have to talk him into parlay with his father.

The Stupidest Mindflayer- The PCs must foil a scheme for world domination hatched by an Invader Zim-esque mindflayer with the minimum intelligence and wisdom scores for its race

Dragons Everywhere- The PCs are from a generically east Asian inspired land. There's metallic dragons everywhere, they're semi divine, part of the heavenly bureaucracy, yadda yadda yadda. That's just a backdrop for the invasion by a neighboring country that's the same sort of thing with the notable exception that their dragons have been swapped out for western/chromatic dragons


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Earth is actually a several billion year old zoo, with humans being one of the premiere attractions. Those “alien abductions”? Extraterrestrial vets checking the livestock.

So when humanity achieves spaceflight between visits, how will the keepers react to the escape?


The PCs are imbued with a unique ability to see ghosts, and travel through towns investigating /stopping supernatural creatures. They even eventually can have their logo, vehicle, catchphrase, song, and mascot.

This prompted a memory that I may or may not have had.

I recall there being some kind of made-for-tv movie that was supposed to be about three fantasy words existing simultaneously in the same space, so that anything that happened on one affected the other two. I don't think it made it to air or, if it did, I clearly missed it. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
It rings a few bells, but none of them fit perfectly. It seems vaguely reminiscent of The Long Earth, the Eternal Champion, and to a much lesser extent the planet that Escaflowne takes place on

Stewardship- The PCs are caught up in a conflict between two rival groups of nature spirits that control a large forest. The first faction is a group of chaotic fey who introduce (and sometimes remove) different species of plants and animals out of a sense of whimsy. The second faction is a group of biome regulating Inevitables (similar to the Anhydruts from Sandstorm, but for forests instead of deserts) who have a very strict and unbending conception of "the natural order". Both sides try to recruit the PCs to harass and undermine the opposite faction. I'm thinking that either this is a forest that the PCs have to pass through to get somewhere, or else this forest is near the PCs' main area of residence or operations and someone needs to deal with this conflict before it spills over into the surrounding area

Pirates of the Super-Sargasso Sea- While attempting to teleport somewhere the party is intercepted on the Astral Plane by a githyanki vessel whose denizens try to roll them for all their worldly goods

Aperture Science- The PCs are attached to a research team (possibly from the Fraternity of Order, depending on when in the timeline the adventure is set) investigating the timing and details of spontaneous portal formation in Sigil, ie. how long does it take for a new bounded space to become a portal and is there any pattern to where they lead. Of course occasionally belligerants come through the new portals, and also sometimes the party is sent through the portals to scout the other side.

Sidequest: Cyranomycota- Played for laughs' While the party is visiting a Myconid settlement one of the locals enlists the party bard (and by extension the rest of the party) for help with its love life. Unfortunately the myconid's love life revolves around a bunch of confusing nonsense about fungal mating types

High Mundanity- The party get drawn into taking part in a normal medieval war wherein two kings both think they're the rightful ruler of some patch of land of middling strategic and economic value - and despite the interpolation of elves, magic, dragons, gods, and the other trappings of fantasy there isn't any righteous cause, or fate of the world, or even any difference to the people of the contested territory other than who they pay their taxes to.

Righteousness Knows No Sides- The PCs are paladins and good aligned clerics who have been charged by their god with the task of stopping both sides of a war from doing war crimes. Led by visions, they travel around freeing torture victims from prison facilities, intervening to stop the slaughter of civilians, and intercepting weapons that have been smuggled across borders under false flags of humanitarian aid.
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Assault on Knih Oin RNG Megadungeon- Roguelike type gameplay moved to the tabletop. The PCs are mercenaries working for a yugoloth named Sarscov (see my thread Supreme Beings in A Summary, Deities In A Dispatch) who is trying to conquer Khin-Oin to become the new Oinoloth. This is just an excuse to have a functionally endless dungeon and to swap in new characters when old ones die. Each level of the dungeon would be generated using the tables in the Dragon Compendium.

The Ripper- The church of the god of rogues hires the PCs to find and stop the killer who has been targeting bums and prostitutes. They've lost some of their most devout worshippers and the police don't care.

Early Release-Mountaintop removal mining either releases a monster that was trapped under the mountain (cf. Sun-Wukong, Loki, the Balrog, etc.) or conversely prematurely awakens a king under the mountain type dormant hero

Hookpatch- The PCs must stop an evil one-eyed, hook-handed pirate captain seeks the hand and eye of Vecna

The Red King Awakens- The kalashtar are secretly the bad guys (Of course they're the bad guys, their whole thing seems to be about genocide, whereas the worst the Quori seem to do is incepting people). In any case, they're about to force the turning of the age by awakening the the Rakshasa Rajah that's dreaming the Quor Tarai

A war rages that is of such brutality that demons and the undead have joined both sides unbidden. The PCs are civilians caught in the middle of this war

Scenarios for TOON

*The PCs compete in the "All-Doping Olympics" where cheating is encouraged

*The PCs are members of the party frat at a wizard college

*The PCs have to help train the treant boxer Ginkgo Balboa [sic] for his upcoming fight with the undead boxer Ivan Draugr [sic]



Earth is actually a several billion year old zoo, with humans being one of the premiere attractions. Those “alien abductions”? Extraterrestrial vets checking the livestock.

So when humanity achieves spaceflight between visits, how will the keepers react to the escape?
Probably they'll call in the space cops to shoot the escapees.

Sometimes they Don't Come Back Wrong- For a modern, futuristic, or recent history setting. The dead have begun returning in droves, and unfortunately they're exactly as they were in life. Now the world is overrun with people who support things like slavery, feudalism, human sacrifice, and other horrors of the past.

Elfghanistan-The last of the white ships has left Middle Earth and the PCs are elves who didn't make it there in time.

The March of Time- Low-stakes roleplay comedy adventure for superhero setting (would probably work well in Super TOON). The superheroes are menaced not by villains or a disaster, but the decline of the newspaper industry, which traditionally provided many superheroes with their day jobs.
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