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I'm trying to picture an ogre mage with an afro. It's ... not happening. :)


The Mandate of Heaven: The PCs are functionaries of an impious king. This king's soothsayers have just told hin that a meeting of the gods is soon to take place. Worried that the gods will withdraw the mandate of heaven, the king sends his knights and agents off on quests pandering to the various interests of various gods. The PCs are one of the groups sent on these quests.

Some campaigns for Toon

2001: A Space Hostelry
TOON campaign where The main characters all work in what is essentially an overly prosaic reading of the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, to wit they are employees in a hotel and spa in deep space run by an enigmatic godlike AI that travels the galaxy creating sapient species in order to generate potential customers. The each session revolves around dealing with the various beings that come in

TOON campaign where The PCs are employees of a Mythbusters-esque television show wherein the "myths" being tested tend to be either stupid bar bets ("you can't drink more than me without passing out"), health advice ("if you keep eating so much fast food you're going to have a heart attack" and then eventually the character dies of liver failure and diabetes. "myth busted!"), and places where people have used the word "can" to mean "may" ("you can't bring those TV cameras into Area 51!" and then they tunnel under the fence or somethig "So as you viewers can see, we can get TV cameras into Area 51 after all"...)
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I could almost see a run on Area 51 that ends in a Scooby-Doo-esque reveal!

”General Ardor! You?”

“And I would have gotten away with it, if not for you meddlesome kids!”

An idea just popped into my head. The PCs get wind of a legendary, level-inappropriate treasure horde gathered by a demon. The PCs fight their way through the demon's minions and eventually come to an empty vault containing a note from the demon saying that if they;re reading this than they've defeated his guards and that killing people was the real treasure. Ideally the guards should provide just enough XP for the party to level up.

Its election time in the first layer of Baator. Lord Bel doesn't care about anything except war so he's left it to his underlings to manage the day to day affairs of Avernus. Control is contested between two factions. The first is the Procrustean Party. The Procrusteans wish to stamp out all differences between individuals and turn the all the world into identical and interchangable creatures. To this end they also focus on corrupting souls, under the reasoning that converting sould into devils is the first step to converting them into identical devils. Their leader is an undead modron rumored to be the former Primus that was possessed and killed by Orcus. Opposing the Procrusteans are the Classist-Execptionalist party. The Classist-Exceptionalists are obsessed with creating and widening class divisions that favor the powerful and marginalize the weak, with a secondary focus on elevating Baator over all other planes. To this second end they funnel much of their small budget back into the blood war, even though the other 99% of Avernus' budget is already allocated to the blood war anyway. The the PCs get caught up in the politicking between these two parties and are hired as spies or assassins (or possibly as a one side's champions in a "debate" consisting of about 80% ritual combat)
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Every Classic First-Person Shooter
A project to build a bunch of portals or teleportation circles allows the Githyanki (or some other astral plane baddies) an easy way to get in and invade.

Not a riddle, just an encounter
The PCs need directions and encounter four watchmen. One always tells the truth, one always lies, one is totally clueless, and the last one tries to confuse them with misleading statistics.

Artificial Scarcity
A wizard acquaintance of the party contacts them with news that he has just rediscovered the secret of creating the philosopher's stone. When they reach his laboratory however he is nowhere to be found and everything has been smashed and ransacked. A trail of clues eventually leads the party to an inevitable tasked with ensuring economic stability, who has kidnapped the wizard in order to stop him from making more gold

The Pest Protection Act
A new government decree that all cats in the land must be neutered is the first clue to the existence of a wererat comspiracy that has taken over the government[/b]
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The Smashed Statue Garden
An art collector hires the PCs to investigate vandalism. Every couple of years for the past few decades, someone has broken into his statue garden and smashed one of the statues. Nothing is stolen, and nothing else is touched. All the smashed statues are from the same artist. It eventually turns out the the artist in question is a spellcaster and destroyed statues are actually people who have been turned to stone. The person who has been smashing them is a Marut inevitable (that's the life and death one) who has been destroying those whose alloted lifespans have run out

Fantasy Borg Cube
(spelljammer) In the middle of the pholgiston the characters come across an incongruous cube-shaped iron fortress filled with spawn-creating zombies controlled by an evil witch whose living head is grafted onto a zombie body

More Fun With Maruts
A cattle drive has been running late and now something is killing the cattle. It's a Marut inevitable who's come because the cattle are late to the slaughterhouse.

More Fun With Cattle
A Sibriex demon (that's the graft creating one) has passed through a ranch, and now all the steer have been converted back into very angry bulls with supernatural strength and barbarian-style rage abilities

The Underworld
The criminal underworld has teamed up with the actual underworld and now there's a bunch of mobster monsters with satanic powers running around.

Doctor Juvenile
(for a superhero RPG) A supervillain named Dr.Juvenile is threatening the city. His specialty is childish pranks writ large. The heroes need to stop him before he replaces all the oxygen tanks in the hospital with bottled farts and blows up the sewage treatment plant with a dumptruck full of fireworks

There's No Such Thing As A Rare Book
A Call of Cthulhu game set in modern times in which paranormal mythos activity has skyrocketed due to the fact that the Necronomicon, Pnakotic Fragments, Book of Eibon, Revelations of Glakii, etc are now freely available on the Miskatonic University website (and those of similar institutes of higher learning) to anybody who is interested.

Disorder In The Court
While in the Abyss the PCs are randomly abducted and taken to the courtroom layer of Woeful Escarand to stand trial for made-up charges. The "trial" starts out as a disorderly courtroom trial in which whichever side insults the other worst seems to have advantage (use bluff checks as per Dragonlance taunting rules) but after a short while, if the PCs are winning, it is changed to a trial by ordeal, consisting of aomething similar to a Double Dare obstacle course but much bigger and with demons taking potshots at the PCs, deadly booby traps, and offal and excrement instead of non-toxic fun slime, if they succeed at this the format is again changed, this time to trial by combat against the prosecutor, who is at least as surprised by this latest change as the PCs are and is not entirely prepared. If they kill the prosecutor they are allowed to go free.

The Replica
A magic item (possibly a sword or something) which was a family heirloom of a local noble has been missing for an undetermined period of time. Beyond it's base magical abilities It had been enchanted to not show up on detect magic to reduce incidents of people trying to steal it, but this also meant that when it was stolen - and replaced with a fake - the fake took some time to be noticed. Anyway the PCs need to track down the sword (or whatever)
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My 2 faves from that post:
Fantasy Borg Cube
(spelljammer) In the middle of the pholgiston the characters come across an incongruous cube-shaped iron fortress filled with spawn-creating zombies controlled by an evil witch whose living head is grafted onto a zombie body

There's No Such Thing As A Rare Book
A Call of Cthulhu game set in modern times in which paranormal mythos activity has skyrocketed due to the fact that the Necronomicon, Pnakotic Fragments, Book of Eibon, Revelations of Glakii, etc are now freely available on the Miskatonic University website (and those of similar institutes of higher learning) to anybody who is interested.

Supernatural Gem Smugglers
A local butcher shop is a front for a supernatural gem smuggling ring who have been using the spell Stone to Flesh to disguise stolen diamonds as ordinary scraps of meat.

The Gamers
This can be inserted into an adventure of the exploration-of-a-derelict-wizard-tower variety
In an out of the way room, possibly behind a locked or hidden door, the players stumble upon the last group to investigate this ruin, who have been missing for several months. They are alive and well, enraptured by the original owner's magical entertainment system, an intelligent Table of Feasting with the ability to conjure boardgames and extensive storytelling talent (see 3.5e stats below). They are either enraptured by the item's ego or simply content to stay there.

Boardy McGameface: Intelligent Table of Feasting (Stronghold Builder's Guidebook p.84; Heroes' Feast 3/day) Int 19 Wis 10 Cha 19; Speech, Telepathy 120 ft, Read Languages and Magic; Blindsense and Darkvision 120 feet and hearing; Lesser Powers: Prestidigitation continuously, Dancing Lights at will, Ghost Sound at will, item has 10 ranks in Diplomacy, item has 10 ranks in Perform(Oratory), item has 10 ranks in Sense Motive; Greater Powers: Minor Image at will; Ego 19

Ted Bundy
A seemingly injured man asks for the party's help with some mundane task that he can't due to his arm being in a sling or something like that. If they agree he leads them to an out of the way location and tries to kill them.

The Deep State
In a reversal of a classic trope, the player characters must help the good aligned royal vizier sabotage the chaotic evil king's plot for world domination.

A Disturbing Holiday Tale
(for a superhero game) The protagonists must stop a group of nazi occultists from obtaining Frosty the Snowman's magic hat and using it to revive Hitler

Mission Accomplished
The dark lord has been deposed, but with his regime gone, a murder cult that had been suppressed under his rule is now running rampant

Rodent Problem
The PCs must save a group of treants that are being menaced by fiendish dire beavers


The MAFIAA [sic]
The party bard is accosted by racketeering devils who claim to own his stories and ideas.
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The World Series of Murder
A certain town or city recieves notice that they have been unwillingly chosen to "host" a demonic competition. Demons from the Abyss are going to come there to see which one of them can kill the most people. The demons gave the town advance notice because the town having defenses in place makes things "more interesting". They can't evacuate because reasons. The PCs are either among several groups of mercenaries hired to shore up the town's defenses or (if the DM decides that the "reasons" above involve the city being completely cut off from the outside world) they are townsfolk. The demons use a variety of tactics from open rampaging to skulking murder from the shadows to possession to poisoning. There are rules, enumerated in the notice/threat, that the demons are theoretically supposed to follow but none of them do except when the nalfeshnee judge/referee (who also murders people, but not necessarily as part of the contest) may be watching, and even then only half the time as the judge is both apathetic to the rules and openly corrupt. The contest ends when the referee gets bored (a couple weeks in) or all the demons are killed or driven off or everyone in the town is dead.

Tale of Two Settings
Spelljammer campaign designed as a frame to string together standalone published adventures. The party's day job is as guards for a company that buys iron on Oerth and sells it on Krynn to buy gold there (the planet Krynn is canonically iron poor to the point where steel is more valuable than gold there, so there's lots of money to be made just ferrying the two metals between it and any other inhabited planet). Thus the party is has an excuse to go on both Greyhawk and Dragonlance adventures and fight space pirates in the interim.
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Here's one I'm currently working on for a film noir supernatural adventure:

The Horror of Huxley House
A group of paranormal investigators in1930s London, investigate a mysterious house called the Huxley House. They are tasked with finding out the cause of the disturbances that the house has been causing, and putting a stop to it.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

A ship that the PCs are on is boarded by pirates who turn out to actually be completely non-violent conmen who use fear magic and illusions to get their targets to surrender. These conmen-pirate-wizards are several levels higher than the party to prevent them from being taken down in combat before the gig is up

I just realized that I just described high fantasy scooby doo

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