Carrying Dice (With Help)

I have dozens of dice sets and I suspect I'm not alone. But where to put it all?


Dice Bags​

The first and most obvious choice for storing dice is a dice bag. After all, we store our sets of dice in smaller dice bags (I’m partial to this dragonskin-style bag), so why not get a larger bag for more dice?

It turns out creating a bag like this is not as easy as it seems. There's several dice bags (all imitations of each other) that appear to have separate liners for each set of dice, but because they don't connect to the bottom of the bag, the dice just all jumbles together anyway.

For a dice bag that can handle up to 15 sets of dice, see CardKing Pro's immense dice bag. Or you can get the smaller version, which is ideal for storing one of polyhedral dice in each of the seven pockets.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always Forged Dice Co.’s Endless Hoard Dice Bag, which can carry over 1,000 dice.


Dice Cases​

If you prefer to have your dice separated and easily identifiable, MUDOR produces a premium dice case. The advantage of a case like this is that you can show off your dice and keep them separate, especially if your dice are delicate or easily chipped. The downside is that it takes time to wiggle the dice out of the foam.


Gaming Luggage​

I previously covered gaming accessories I brought with me to camp, but there’s a smaller version of the typical “gamer backpack” that’s worth mentioning here because it’s small enough to still be versatile but can carry lots of dice. Trunab’s Tabletop DND Backpack can fit dice in three outer pouches as well as within.


Dice Trays​

Because dice trays take up significant space at a table, they’re only effective as they are portable and storable. No wonder then that many of these types of trays also act as dice storage. There are several out there, including trays by Aenllosi and Enhance, but I prefer GeekOn’s XL Dice Case.

Your Turn: How do you store your dice?

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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca


I have a custom scale mail dice bag which can hold a few sets, and a very large bag with several smaller bags inside all homemade either through crochet (the original outer bag) or patched together from cloth scraps (the current outer bag and my sub-bags). The sub-bags are sorted into either die types or sets for particular games.

Of course, I also have a backpack from my pitcher-o-dice at my last GenCon trip that I can't fit, so maybe one of these huge cases is a new option?:unsure:


I have a lot of dice but typically I only carry what I need for any given game. I've been using D&D monster themed dice pouches lately. Before that I just left them in the box or when running Buffy/Angel tucked 2d10 in my pocket. Its all I needed.

Since I often play at my local FLGS and don't need much gaming stuff another thing I do is to buy some dice when I am there to help support the shop and use those.


Huh? What do you think pocketsssss are for? Gollum should have answered Bilbo's riddle with "nassssty dices" and he would have been right, because Bilbo was carrying his DND dice in his other pocket.


Podcast host, 6-edition DM, and guy with a pulse.
I used to use a small treasure chest thing we got from Pier One 20 years ago until the dice didn't fit anymore. Now they all go in the bottom of a standard tackle box, with the trays holding pens, erasers, pencils, etc. It's become my go-to gaming box. Even has emergency items like a Tide pen (because clumsy) and a small de-stink spray (if you've had to use the toilets at Gen Con you would understand why)


I have one of those standing dice bags for carrying my dice, but I keep my dice at the table in a cheap tray I got from Ikea. For rolling, I use a Wyrmwood dice tower (it was an impulse buy at Origins a few years ago).


Chalk bag for climbing.

soft liner

drawstring closure

Holds more sets than is needed

is pretty small

extra dice in box in basement

roll in a tray

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