D&D 5E Casters should go back to being interruptable like they used to be.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Ok consider this.

If a guy plays a Fighter, and all they do is Dodge every turn, how are they helping the party?

This is exactly the position you're saying the Wizard should be in. Unable to do anything but focus on their survival, using up their valuable resources to do so. You might as well not even have them there (or, if you see value in them distracting enemies from the other players, you'd be better off with the Fighter Who Dodges wearing a floppy hat and a shirt that has "WIZZARD" scrawled across it).
Because it's hyperbole to frame the argument as something that happens every turn, every combat.

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Even if spells can be interrupted, that doesn't make the caster into a sitting duck. A sorcerer can ready Mirror Image or cast Misty Step to get out of range when they're attacked. A druid can Wildshape. A cleric has armor proficiency and d8 hit dice for a reason.

Players should not be allowed to make plans mid battle. A round is 6 seconds. I am not saying partys should not coordinate, but complex, complicated plans involving multiple players are unrealistic and story breaking.

I'd find it far less believable if a group of experienced adventurers do not have strategies prepared in advance to deal with hairy situations. Remember, player characters are exceptional. Just because the players did not plan ahead for something doesn't mean their characters did not.

As often happens, I appreciate the PF2e approach. Casting can trigger reactions attacks and, occasionally those reaction attacks can disrupt the spell (usually on a crit), but not every creature has the ability to react to spellcasting.

So spellcasters have to be aware of their positioning when they cast, but they aren't likely to be imperiled by a crowd of angry halfling children armed with pebbles.

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