(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


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Nurthk scowls as he chooses between having his bow or axe in hand. Favouring his axe in this encounter he brandishes it with a twirl and moves over to stand ready nearby Raven's freshly dug hole. He stomps and jumps around a couple of times, trying to lure the creature to the surface.

"Nothing like a heavy old fool to get something's attention," he remarks, "Watch my back, yeah?"

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Though it galls him to do so, Oliver takes shelter in one of the wagons, relaxing his old bones into the comfort of a seat with a sigh. He is snappish, equal parts guilty, ashamed and defensive about his choice. Though, like Nurthk, Oliver is glad to have a large assortment of books. His bristling brows and knobby fingers are all that is visible of him for some time.

As the wagon train trundles to a halt, he clambers down the side in his stiff, spry way. He cranes his thin neck to see what has stirred the attention of the others. Shoulda been watching instead of burying my nose in that book. Tourne has a ...colorful history. Embroidered, more like. His mouth twists as pats Whistler. As the old man untethers the fine crossbow lashed to the tall horse's saddle, Whistler turns his fine-boned head around and regards Oliver passively, ears flicking alternately toward the empty camp. A low whicker rumbles in the horse's throat and chest.

Oliver glowers and readies the crossbow, checking the draw of daggers and swords as he moves steadily over to the site to stand alongside the others.

Knowledge Nature (smell): 26 ACED!
Knowledge Nature (creatures): 14
Knowledge Geography (hoping for Tourne clues, maybe from book): 7
Knowledge History (hoping for Tourne clues, maybe from book): 24

Spot: 19
Listen: 20


ic - Casual

Xiao looks around as his companions spring into life. After a moment, the far from home monk discards the idea of climbing somewhere safer like Raven. Xiao, unlike his avian afflicted friend, can do little at a distance beyond hurling insults. Xiao stalks over to where Nurthk stands, talking up a position about ten feet from his companion.

"Xiao will watch Nurthk, Nurthk will watch Xiao," he says with a grin. Xiao taps the ground with the end of his staff. "Here beastie, beastie."


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"Xiao, you've got yourself a deal," Nurthk replies, happy to have someone else nearby.

He continues hitting the ground around him, trying to simulate a person walking in a circle.

Guilt Puppy

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Nurthk taps away, but it seems as though the worm will not return. There is a long pause; at last, the thing emerges from the ground in a rush, biting toward Nurthk. (Nurthk & Raven have readied attack actions which go off here; they are additionally flanking.) Brich, who has positioned himself with an arrow nocked not far from there, fires, striking the creature near it's head. (The creature's attack is postponed until the readied actions are resolved.)

The thing's face is a skull, wrapped in some thin, darkly-veined yellow membrane. Its body protrudes back from that, one long, bulging reddish-yellow tube, pulsating sickly. From his vantage, Raven can see a long, thick spinal column through the thing's thin skin.

Only a beat later, two more of the things burst forth from the ground in the near vicinity, one attacking Nurthk (Attack 9), the other attacking Xiao (Attack 23, 5 damage, 2 Fortitude saves if hit).

(Initiatives, please.)

02   *
03     +----+         *
04     +----+
05             +
06  ==         +\
07  =F       H  \\   *
08  =T           \\
09                \+   
10     s""         +   
11     """       r         
12                   ++
13                   ||
14     * =f          ||
15       k=          ||
16       h=          ||
17         K         ++
18             O  b
20           w
21         wX N
22      @      w
23           C  R
24               *

Party characters are identified by
the first initial of their 
first name, capitalized/


" or = is a cart
+-+ 's are the tents
@ is the campfire
* are trees


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Oliver's reaction to the creatures is equal parts swears and prayers. He drops to a knee to better aim his crossbow. He draws a bead...

Init: 9 + 3 = 12

On the worm-thing on row 20
Attack: 19 + 3 + 4 + 2 - 4 = 24 (crit!)
Damage: 4 x 2 = 8
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Fendric - Init: 11
Hiritus - Init: 14

Hiritus dismisses Justice in the carnage of the battle, preferring that the horse sit this one out. Drawing his longsword, Hiritus moves himself toward Nurthk and Xiao.

[Move south full, ready action to strike at snake should one present itself: +11(19-20), d8+2.]

Fendric, ignoring Raven's goading, finishes his armor, and moves to join the fray, spells and healing at the ready.

[Move toward snakes.]


ic - Casual

Xiao curses as the attack of the second wave of creatures catches him unawares and wrong footed.

[sblock=ooc]Initiative 18, 1st Fort Save 26, 2nd Fort save 22.
HP 43/48, AC 16 (T15, FF14)

Not sure if this is against the first creature that emerged or one of the second two.
Flurry of Blows (if possible, doesn't include flanking bonus).
* Attack Unarmed 14+6, Damage 6.
* Attack Unarmed 9+6, Damage 5.[/sblock]


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Cylantro : Female Human

Cylantro and Ginger had spent the trip in the carriage with Oregano tied to the back of the carriage. When the carriage had stopped Cylantro had looked up from her studies but had quickly returned to reading. But now with the sounds of combat outside, she has jumped up and is gathering her backpack together as Ginger runs around the carriage excited by the activity.

Init: 16
Action: Gathering equipment and moving out of carriage.

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