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(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


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dpdx said:
GP, What happened with Hiritus and Fendric?

OOC: Look at the initiative order. Their turn hasn't come up yet. Still waiting on Nurthk (Festy_Dog) to post, I assume.

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Guilt Puppy

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(OOC: Tailspinner's correct. Breaking there to give Festy a bit more time, and everyone a bit more information. A lot has changed, so it makes sense to let you guys revise or elaborate upon.)


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Oliver yelps with surprise. The yelp chokes off in a nasty gargle as the danger of the bite sinks in. He shakes off the pain of the wound, hoping that his gnarly old sinews will prove too tough for the venom. Blood sheets out of the wound, lost on his dark armor and bright and disturbing against his pale, crepey skin. He drops and rolls backwards over his shoulder in Brich's direction, wincing mightily, to get away from the second snake-beast and to better aid Rattmes.

OOC: (rolls forthcoming)


ic - Casual

(next Round)

Xiao spits with disgust, then resumes pounding away at the nearest worm.

Flurry of Blows
* To Hit 15. Dam 10.
* To Hit 9. Dam 13.

If it is killed in the meanwhile, Xiao will move to assist whoever seems to be in the most trouble. Spd 50 ft. Tumble +10 if needed[/sblock]


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AC 18 touch 14 FF 18, HP 56

Raven sees his companions are in trouble. He rushes towards cylantro and tries to chop at the thing strangling her without dooing too much damage to the sorceress.

OOC : move+attack 25 dmg 11(15 if undead)

Guilt Puppy

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Nurthk (autopilot) steps over to the worm-thing attacking Oliver. He reduces it to a messy husk in an angry whirl of flaming axe-heads.

Hiritus steps toward Cylantro, edging toward the next worm to engage it in battle as well. With one meaningful smite he dispatches the thing, which uncoils and falls around Cylantro's ankles. He aims a second strike of his sword at the remaining worm nearby, etching a meaningful wound upon its body.

Oliver rolls back (ad hoc tumble successful) then reloads his bow, taking aim toward Brich's adversary, anticipating the archer's retreat.

Fendric steps away from the creature that has emerged near him, and casts his spell, willing the arrival of the Xorn beneath the worm-thing nearest Cylantro. Though it cannot be seen, its effects are immediate: The thing writhes angrily, being pulled back into the ground. Shortly a thick fluid bubbles from its mouth, and it falls motionless, its head barely visible above the earth.

Tatlock hurls another stone at the worm nearest him, striking a small hole in its flesh, then backs away nervously.

Raven, seeing that Cylantro is safe, heads over to aid Katter. (double-move)

Cray remains paralyzed, but begins to feel the numbness subside. (you'll be able to act next round, so you can post an action when you have one ready.)

Koehl steps to flank with Raven, and stabs twice into the flesh of the thing which has itself wrapped around Katter. The blade goes in deep, but the thing's grip does not loosen. Federich Haulm steps in, however, and makes quick change to that: He chops down with his sword, and the thing's head falls at Katter's motionless feet, its body shortly thereafter.

Rattmes strikes back at the thing which has attacked him, but though his sword finds its target its mark seems less than significant. He edges away nervously as the thing hisses back at him, looking to Nurthk for help.

Brich steps away from his attacker, then fires two shots in quick succession. The arrows land deep under its jaw in two places; it tries to cry back in anger, but has difficulty opening its mouth.

Up in his cart, Harrold searches around desperately. Eventually he comes up standing, holding a small crossbow in one hand, and a bolt in the other.

Xiao steps to flank his nearest opponent with Koehl, landing one kick to its jaw, but the thing reacts in time to duck under his following fist.

Cylantro remains unable to move.

The worm which Brich has lain arrows into presses its head toward the ground. It seems ready to dig back in, but as it pushes up dirt its motions become lighter, weaker. It is soon still, a leaning arch of weird flesh resting in the dirt.

The one between Koehl and Xiao looks back and forth among the two, then strikes at Xiao. (Attack 26, Damage 8, Two Fortitude saves needed)

Meanwhile, the worm beside Sturt lunges to wrap itself around the paralyzed Tournean. As it squeezes, Sturt topples over, and the two land on the ground.

Coming out from the ground entirely - exposing all nine or so feet of its length - the creature which has attacked Rattmes pursues its target. It bites at his hip; Rattmes grimaces in pain and scrambles back a few inches, waving his arms worriedly, but seeming at once relieved to be able to do so.

The worm which has attacked Hiritus likewise pursues the Paladin. Lunging forward as it leaves the ground entirely, it bites at Fendric's protege. (Attack 21, Damage 6, Two Fortitude saves if hit.)

Another worm emerges from the ground between Raven and Katter, but strikes at Federich. The driver steps away nimbly, however, and remains unharmed.

Two more come up from the earth immediately after. The first strikes at Raven (Attack 22, Damage 11, Two Fortitude saves if hit.), the second at Hiritus. (Attack 25, Damage 6, Two Fortitude saves if hit.)

Round 3

20 Cray
19 Tourneans
18 Xiao
16 Cylantro
14 Worms

14 Nurthk
14 Hiritus
12 Oliver
11 Fendric
9 Tatlock
6 Raven

(Note the additional worm, not indicated on the map, grappling Sturt. Fendric's Xorn, meanwhile, is underground and out of sight, but presumably in either D15 or an adjacent square.)

02   *                         
03     +----+         *
04     +----+        
05             +
06  ==         +\
07  ==          \\   *
08 T==           \\
09                \+   
10     """         +   
11     """                
12   w               ++
13  Hw F          b  ||
14  sY * == O       $||
15   $   ==          ||
16       h=          ||
17                   ++
19       X     $w  
20       w  $ N  r$
21       K $      
22      @ kfC$ $
23        wR     
24          w    *

Party characters are identified by
the first initial of their 
first name, capitalized, except
Cylantro, who's Y.


$=Dead worm

" or = is a cart
+-+ 's are the tents
@ is the campfire
* are trees


ic - Casual

Xiao continues to do what he can to smack down the worms that remain. He starts with the closest, but keeps an eye out for anyone in trouble.

[sblock=ooc]Fort Save 13, 26. OK. That might slow him down a bit.
Attack Flurry of Blows if possible. A single attack will be at +1.
* To Hit 22, Damage 11.
* To Hit 11, Damage 11.[/sblock]


Guest 11456

Cylantro : Female Human

Cylantro continues doing her best impression of a statue and hopes that no pigeons get the wrong idea about her. She wishes that there was something further that she could do, but until she can move again she is helpless to assist anyone.

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