(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


First Post
The adrenaline was fading, and the true extent of his exertion threatened to take effect. Unless the fight was finished soon Nurthk would be traipsing through combat with less than the usual vim and vigour that made his axe so formidable. He scowled, and while anger still gripped him, leapt towards one of the remaining worms.

[sblock=ooc]5' step towards Rattmes, then a full attack action on the worm grappling him.

attack 17, 11 slashing damage, 3 fire damage
attack 24, 11 slashing damage, 2 fire damage
attack 14, 10 slashing damage, 1 fire damage
attack 24, 5 slashing damage, 4 fire damage

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Hiritus: 33/54 HP, Paralyzed (AC 18, Flat 18); Fendric 64/64 HP, AC 16

Hiritus, relieved to be free from worms at the moment, waits for the paralysis to wear off. Concerned, he can see Cylantro under attack once again. He doesn't know how much longer she can hold up.

[If Hiritus is not still paralyzed, he'll go to lay hands on Cylantro.]

Fendric's Xorn continues to do its work (3 of 8 rounds active), this time on the worm attacking Cylantro.

Fendric, growing ever more irritated by the recurring presence of worms, repeats his turning chant, more strongly this time.

"By Every Shining Ray of the Glorious Sky, I, Brother Fendric of Hedrogura, Humble Totem of Pelor, the Holiest of Light and Heat, Command Thee, Foul Servants of the Undead, YOU SHALL! BEGONE!"

[Standard Turning Attempt, 2 of 5: Turn Check 13 (Up to 9HD turned, up to 4HD destroyed), 16HD turned.]


ic - Casual

Xiao is not having a good day. The stranger from a strange place spits on his palms and growls something in his native tongue. It doesn't sound like the kind of thing one would say in polite company. He rubs his palms together while glancing around the battlefield to make sure that his companions are all all right.

[sblock=ooc]Xiao will continue thumping the nearest worm (flurry of blows) unless it looks like someone is in trouble. From the above it looks like Cylantro might need some help. In which case he will tumble away (Tumble 21) and lend a hand. He can move 50 ft as a move action. A single attack would be at +1.
* Attack 19 , Dam 5
* Attack 21 , Dam 6[/sblock]

Guilt Puppy

First Post
Nurthk steps in, and with a series of deft moves of his axe removes the worm which squeezes Rattmes, one chunk at a time.

Hiritus remains paralyzed, but like Cylantro, ffeels the numbness begin to subside. (Free to act on his next initiative.)

Oliver jogs briskly toward Cylantro, taking a careful stab at the worm around Cylantro. It relaxes its grip briefly, and he has to hold back his blade to avoid striking the spellcaster. (Autopilot; let me know if you had other intentions.)

Fendric raises his holy symbol a third time, now annihilating all but the worm nearest Koehl. Nonetheless, distress is evident in its oscillations as light fills the clearing. Raven takes a step to flank it, and dispatches it quickly.

The camp becomes suddenly quieter. A quick survey of the area shows no threats; all worms are motionless, many in pieces, many more simply piles of ash. Hiritus and Cylantro can be seen twitching gently as their paralysis subsides; Cray remains fully motionless. Sturt, Rattmes and Katter all lay on the ground motionless, their injuries clearly heavy, blood still flowing in a thick stream from the opening in Katter's gut. Their companions quickly attend to them; Brich shoots Harrold a stern look before leaving the cart, then a look of helplessness toward Fendric as he kneels beside Sturt.

Round 6

20 Cray
19 Tourneans

18 Xiao
16 Cylantro
14 Worms
14 Nurthk
14 Hiritus
12 Oliver
11 Fendric
9 Tatlock
6 Raven

02   *                         
03     +----+         *
04     +----+        
05             +
06  ==         +\
07  ==          \\   *
08  ==           \\
09                \+   
10     """         +   
11     """                
12  T$     $         ++
13  H$O              ||
14  sY * ==         $||
15  $b  F==          ||
16       h=          ||
17                   ++
19             $$  
20       $  $     $
21         $      
22      @  $NX $
23        $krf$    
24        $K$C   *
25            $
26            R

Party characters are identified by
the first initial of their 
first name, capitalized, except
Cylantro, who's Y.


$=Dead worm

" or = is a cart
+-+ 's are the tents
@ is the campfire
* are trees


First Post
Nurthk, just making sure, walks a short distance away from the injured and jumps around a few more times. He thumps the ground heavily, hoping to draw the remaining (if any) worms out of hiding and away from those most at risk.

He was exhausted, and still in the process of catching his breath after leaping about like a mad man.

Failing any response, he waits until the injured have been moved, then follows.
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Cylantro : Female Human

At last able to move, Cylantro heads back for the carriage. She enters and heads for the narrow staircase up to the open-air deck in back. Once there she watches for any other worms that might make an appearance.


ic - Casual

Xiao snorts and looks around to see if everyone is all right. Not that there is much he can do in the way of healing. But he does what he can, if there is anything he can do.

"So what happen now?" he asks of no one in particular.


Fendric, satisfied (for the moment) that the threat has subsided, says nothing and takes off at a dead run for the men in the cluster to his south.

[Fendric - full movement action toward (is that J22?) the square next to Nurthk with the dead worm in it. After, whenever that is, Cure Minor on Rattmes, then again on Katter.]

When Hiritus is unparalyzed, he immediately tends to Sturt.

[Hiritus - Lay on Hands, Sturt, 1 point. Then Heal check on Sturt (18) to determine the extent of his injuries.]

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