(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


ic - Casual

Unable to help with the healing, Xiao settles for helping those keeping watch.

"So we push on, or search for survivors?"

As he moves around, he gradually drifts away from the campsite, looking for any signs of the departed Tournians.

"Anyone have any idea of what those things were?"

He does however, remain within sight of the campsite.

"How much further do we have to travel?"

[sblock=ooc]Knowledge Religion and Arcane +6 - on the odd chance that Xioa actually does know what the creatures were.
Spot +7, Listen +9.[/sblock]

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Oliver takes a weak and careful swing at the worm-demon constricting the witch that had fallen in with them to escape her past - and any possible pursuers. Surely she's well clear of them now... why does she stay... any why wouldn't she give us her real name? Cylantro... Ginger... and what is it she calls her horse, Oregano...? False names if ever I heard any... He grunts as his short blade penetrates the abomination. ...and that means trouble. Given our luck, the last thing we need is more trouble... He shortens the blow, so as not to hurt the woman. A dark thought flickers... I could keep driving the blade, end the trouble, no one could find fault... he falls back a step, ashamed. A powerful swing from Raven's zweihander frees the caster who falls to the ground still paralyzed, her pale face staring up at the old rogue. It seems to Oliver that she is looking right through him. He scowls and turns away to recover his crossbow and any salvagable bolts.

Taking a cue from Nurthk he stamps the ground heavily as he goes. He pauses as he nears the now-smoldering worm pile tore into his side. He nudges the mound with a boot, trying to see if the skull or recognizeable bits of the thing remain.

"So what happen now?" asks Xiao.

Oliver looks up, "We should look for any remains or sign of the folk we were to meet here." He addresses any of the Tourneans in ear-shot or - more to the point - capable of speech, "Do any of you know the people we intended to meet by sight? Where are their horses and wagons?" He looks meaningfully at Raven.


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Hearing Oliver suggest searching for the missing Nurthk stops stomping about and takes some time to think.

"I don't think we'll find any of them. My guts tell me they were probably dragged underground and eaten," he suggests bluntly.

He raises an eyebrow when he sees Oliver's injury.

"How's your side?" Nurthk asks Oliver, nodding towards the injury.


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Oliver sighs, "I know, my gut says the same thing." He grimaces down at his side, bloody and oozing. "Especially now." He give the half-orc a macabre smile. He answers the warrior's inquiry, "It's all right. Hurts like the dickens, but Fendric should see to the others before he spends any of Pelor's grace to patch up this old blasphemer."

He looks around sadly at the camp, bushy white brows drooping, "Still, we should do our best to find them if we're able. I'd want the same done for me." He finds his crossbow and begins looking around the edge of the camp for any sign of tracks that the campers might have made fleeing the area.

OOC: What rolls if you don't have tracking? Survival still?
Survival: 6, with a +4 bonus... AWESOME

Also, regarding an earlier comment by doghead about fudging rolls, there's a distinct difference between fudging rolls and reverse-engineering modifiers. One is cheating, the other is sloppy. I disapprove of the former and, in this instance, sadly exemplify the latter.

But no more! Oliver has a sheet! And I've just used it again! Woooo!


ic - Casual

Xiao falls in wordlessly alongside the old man. Well alongside and a step behind in order to avoid messing up any tracks or indications of the others. Oliver, Xiao gets the impression, has more chance of finding anything of significance than Xiao himself. Besides, twice the eyes halve the work. Or something like that.


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The effects of the paralization wearing off, Cray decides to help Nurthk search for signs of the missing keeping his blade ready for a suprise attack We at least avenged their deaths

spot 17

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The Pelorites move to heal the wounded; as Fendric walks over to help those nearer the campfire, Hiritus shakes free of his paralysis and lays hands upon Sturt. Cylantro heads back to the carriage in a hurry; the Tourneans continue attending to their fallen; and much of the rest of the party, Tatlock including, begin looking for signs of the missing group that had camped here.

As Fendric prepares to cast healing upon Rattmes, Nurthk begins jumping up and down. On his third leap, four more worms burst forth from the ground in a broken circle around him, all biting as they rise. (Attacks 20, 16, 18, 23; Damage 7, 6, 7, 10; Two Fort Saves per attack that hits.)

Round 8

20 Cray
19 Tourneans
18 Xiao
16 Cylantro
14 Worms

14 Nurthk
14 Hiritus
12 Oliver
11 Fendric
9 Tatlock
6 Raven

02   *                         
03     +----+         *
04     +----+        
05             +
06  ==         +\
07  ==          \\   *
08  ==           \\
09                \+   
10     """  O      +   
11     """                
12   $    T$         ++
13  H$               ||
14  s  * ==         $||
15  $b   ==          ||
16       h= w  C     ||
17           Nw      ++
18           ww       
19             $$  
20       $  $     $
21         $      
22      @  F   $
23        $krf$     X
24        $K$    *
25            $
26            R

Party characters are identified by
the first initial of their 
first name, capitalized.

Cylantro is offmap, atop carriage,
at what would be E46.


$=Dead worm

" or = is a cart
+-+ 's are the tents
@ is the campfire
* are trees


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[ooc: Rewinding a little. :D]

For almost a moment he thought there were no other worms to worry about, then the ground seemed to explode around him and he felt all four new foes plant their fangs into his flesh. He gave a short, defiant yell, almost bestial, but it didn't seem to serve him much against his muscles losing responsiveness.

1st: 19, 11
2nd: 17, 14
3rd: 12, 25
4th: 15, 28]

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