Cat vs. Commoner

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First Post
I am not allowed to say what I wanna say cuz some peeps may get the wrong idea. Anyhoo, this is hi-larious. Whoever that was totes deserved that mauling.


First up, I'd like to stress that I'm a cat lover. Had them all my life. I've ended a lifelong friendship because said friend got drunk and harassed my cats.
That said, I've encountered cats that are downright scary. We have one in our neighbourhood that's very aggressive -- it sometimes comes into our garden and refuses to leave, and becomes threatening toward humans. Luckily I know enough about cats not to get too close, otherwise I'm sure I'd have been in the same situation as the lady in the video.

(And I have enough scars from my own loving cats to know that even a mid-level Commoner has no chance against a cat.)

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