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Celebrities that Play Dungeons and Dragons


There are well known celebrities that play D&D that we've heard of (Joe Manganiello, Vin Diesel, Deborah Ann Woll), but who are some of the other celebrities that you didn't know but recently found out played D&D?

I just found out that Ta-Nehisi Coates played D&D when they were younger. This is actually pretty cool as I feel I would have a closer connection to who they are (at least through his writing) than I have with other celebrities. I think this is an individual that could be a good role model for some of those around me that wouldn't see many of the other celebrities as role models.

It actually kind of makes me really happy about it.

Who are some other unexpected individuals that you found out played D&D that you didn't know about?

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Here are a few of the people in Joe Manganiello's gaming group:

Vince Vaughn
Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine guitarist)
Paul “The Big Show” Wight (wrestler)
D.B. Weiss (“Game of Thrones” co-creator)


Rivers Cuomo (Weezer frontman) used to play (and possibly still does). He occasionally makes reference to D&D things in his songs.

I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide
I've got a 12-sided die

- 'In the Garage', Blue album



Mike Myers
Bare Naked Ladies
Robin Williams

About 20 years ago I did a google search and I found a list of over 100 celebrities who played D&D, just can't remember most of them. I looked not long ago but couldnt find it again


Robin Williams was apparently a huge WH40K fan, and I remember talking to a game store manager who told me he closed his store once so Robin and his son could play a game in private while Robin was filming nearby.
He was also a huge Zelda fan as well, named his daughter Zelda if Im not mistaken. I read an article or maybe it was in documentary I saw shortly after his death where they interviewed the owner of his FLGS the he regularly frequented and they said he would come in and browse for hours and he really liked it there because everyone respected his privacy and didn't bother him.

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