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Celebrities that Play Dungeons and Dragons


Kevin Smith, as detective-warlock Sam Hain.
I dont remember what live stream he played in with Jason Mewes and a few other celebrities, may have been Deborah Ann Woll who DM'd the game. As much as I like some of Kevin Smiths movies I found him pretty hard to watch during the game, he just seemed to be disruptive and a spotlight hog a few times. I would have thought Jason Mewes wouldve been the one to do that but he actually tried to understand the game and was very cooperative with the rest of the players.

As an aside, I always thought that his movie Dogma was influenced by and had elements of D&D in it.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Tim Duncan and Curt Shilling (horrible human being that he is) were the first years ago. Since then there are a lot more, including professional wrestlers and Miles Garret (one of the best defensive players in the NFL) along with several members of his team.
Those all sound familiar. I know there was a very "cool jock guy" basketball player, too, but who knows who it was since I can't recall.

A ton of wrestlers, btw. Like, idk why it's surprising, but I think I've seen like 20 diff WWE talents doing streamed games at one point or another.

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