First Post
To any yet loyal to Celestia, I wish to meet with you. State a time or simply look for me. I am Lyzar Veanson, and I am an Avariel who serves Tymora through preisthood. I am to be found on this demiplane or on Oerth, and indeed on occasion in the Crossroads Tavern. Or, if you know where they are, I am often in the Avariel lands.


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Bhryn Astairre


Loyalty is a divided these days, for certain reasons.

I think you and I need to speak. But not out in the open.

Be careful when visiting Celestia, I may be forced to take matters into my own hands soon.

Dante: if you read this, that means -my- hands. My mistake, my problem.

~ Bhryn


Dragona Nightsky

A silent shadow sneaking by the boards, Draggy stops briefly to read, planting a hand on her hip as she does.

"Your hands, eh? We both know what that means..." She gives a sigh. "We're really in trouble this time, aren't we B... Well, nothing to be done about it except push through together...after all, you only told Dante to stay out of it...not me."

A grin crosses her face as she lets the note drop back into place leaving none of her own and then, with a cautious glance around, slips off into the crowded bazaar, vanishing within the bustle of people.

Kirion Violatta

First Post
Kirion walks to the boards just now noticing this post and thr reply Bhryn gave beneath it and sigh.

"I hope I able to find someone that will be able to answer the new question that cross my mind now."

He walks off back into the maze of the market venders.


First Post

You will not be taking matters into your own hands. This remains a public affair, and one which I will have say in. You can offer assistance, but you are no longer Paragon.

Jea's actions are disgraceful. He has taken matters into his own hands, too. If we can only provide fragmented resistance, the effort will be in vain. Celestia's support is vital, if only as a centralising power.


Kirion Violatta

First Post
A messanger of Kirion's makes his way by the boards leaving a post then leaving just as strangely as he appeared.


I will like to know more of this that threatens Celestia. I have head little from the other Council member. I will be appearing every now and then on Juxta about the emporium. I will like to hear of this matter.

Kirion Violatta
Council's leader


Alantie Tairis

I believe Lady, she did not mean those things.

You will be dealing with me.

Alantie Tairis
Paragon of Celestia.


First Post
Lyzar... I cannot even put words to how you make me feel...

I will rip your heart out through your chest, so help me.

I have done no wrong. I have never done any wrong. What I am, what you made me, and what you have unmade me... I do not deserve... I do not deserve this pain I've been put through. The doubt, the loss, the blood... never did I ask for this. Never. I will make preperations for my death, Lyzar, and I hope that this pleases you. I pray only that I never see you again.

Though... I don't know who I pray to.


The Faceless One

Celestia's time is limited. I suggest you enjoy the city while the light still shines there.

Epic Threats

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