CERAMIC D.M. (not the current one, a year old)


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barsoomcore vs arwink

pic 5


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barsoomcore vs arwink

pic 6, last pic of the last round.

72 hours from here, good luck with your bad craziness :)


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Unattainable Ideal
Wait! Wait! What key is it in!? Ah....

Sheesh, I haven't even recovered from the judgement and here I am facing... huh? What? She's all hairy.


help me

*rolls up sleeves and gets to work*

*tips cap to barsoomcore*

I agree with the judges on this - far from my best work. I'll make all the usual excuses; I wrote it in two hours and didn't even have time to proof it, I was worried about my family problems, I was tired - ah who am I kidding, barsoomcore wrote the better story. All the best with the finals.:D


Unattainable Ideal
Yo, arwink. Let's you and me show these judges what pictures are for.

NOOC: that was a nailbiter. Next time, let's be on the same team.

barsoomcore said:
Yo, arwink. Let's you and me show these judges what pictures are for.

NOOC: that was a nailbiter. Next time, let's be on the same team.

There were teams? *slaps self in forehead* D'oh! ;)

A nail biter all right. It was the bees that threw me.

Ill cheer for you from the stands now.


Unattainable Ideal
"There is no other Troy for me to burn"
--Sinead O'Connor, "Troy"

Dear Albert:

You asked for proof. I leave this here on the chance that some portion of humanity might survive, and one day find a means of restoring you, and you will know what I have done. For you.

I hope you are convinced.

You know I never minded your lusting. You know I never once criticised you. Perhaps I should have. Perhaps you felt unappreciated because I failed to attack you for your behaviour. Perhaps.

I loved you, Albert. I didn't want you to change. Do you understand, now? Do you see my love, Albert? It's too late, you know, but do you see it now?

Did you see it on the beach? You said you could. Do you remember that? Albert, that was the day our love ended, wasn't it? You were trying to say goodbye, trying to tell me that the love affair of Dogboy and Monkey Girl was over. I heard you. But you were wrong, Albert. Our love never ended. And now it never will. Now it is preserved forever. Enjoy.

You took pictures of me. Me in my new bikini. Monkey Girl in a swimsuit, everybody come and look.

You made me feel pretty. Nobody ever... (illegible)

"You're everything to me, Abigail. You're the loveliest girl I've ever seen."

I hate you. I hate you and how you made me believe you, those nights in your trailer, those days on the beach, when all along you were scheming to get at Nissa, that contortionist tramp. I remember sitting next to you, in the wings, the first night she joined the troupe. Her purple tights, her body twisting and folding in on itself. You were spellbound. You stared like a teenage boy.

I laughed. Dogboy with a crush on the new girl. I should have been more concerned, shouldn't I?

I wasn't then but I am now, Dogboy. I am very concerned indeed. How does it feel to be responsible for the end of civilization, you bastard?

Your marriage was a sham, you know that? Little fake ears on the NORMAL girl's head, spare me. She never loved you, Albert. I hope you realise that now.

You can't say I didn't warn you. Right there, as you were posing for your photographs, I came to you, Albert. I told you.

"I have no present for you. But what I will give you, no one will ever forget."

You laughed at me, then. Contemptuous and certain of your superiority, weren't you? Who's superior now, Dogboy?

Did you suspect, the day the first ice block fell from the sky? Did you consider, as you read about it in your morning newspaper, over coffee with your sweetie, that it was only the harbinger of what was to come? Of what I was about to do?

I have to admit I was surprised at how easily everyone took it. A massive block of ice falls from the sky to land in a desert crater, and nobody bats an eye. Didn't you see the picture? Didn't you wonder?

It was me, Albert. It was my first effort. I've learned a lot since then, wouldn't you say?

"You and I, Abigail, we belong to each other. Nobody else will have us."

Do you remember that? Do you remember saying that to me? How can you stand there, silent and unmoving, with that in your memory? Now, as your body begins to ice up, do you remember?

I followed paths no one alive knows. I explored secrets and hidden worlds that I alone have witnessed.

In the icy waters of the far north I found my answers. I floated free, massive slow walls of silvery ice to either side of me, the sun a watery gleam far above, and I heard voices. Voices, Albert. They spoke to me. They showed me what was possible. What was impossible. In the deeps they keep their secrets, but for me and my love, darling, they made all this happen.

Because I begged. I begged. It was my love, Albert, that convinced them. Convinced them, even though you refused to see it.

You see it now, though, don't you? Don't you? Now that Nissa is gone, turned to ice, like all the others. Now that your body is freezing, hardening, turning white and stiff and dead, you see it. You see my love.

All this I have done for you, darling. I dropped ice from the sky and I unleashed the power that is turning our world into winter. Nothing but winter for us now.

My fingers are cold. I miss you, Albert. Dogboy.

Why don't you love me?


Pic 1: The marriage of Albert and Nissa
Pic 2: Abigail's first effort
Pic 3: Abigail's revelation
Pic 4: Abigail on the beach
Pic 5: Nissa on stage
Pic 6: Albert ending


Clockwork Golem
Appologies to everyone involved, particularly Barsoomcore and clay, but I'm going to have to forfeit. Work went insane over the past couple of days, and with Bris-con on this weekend I've had to get everything done before the weekend.

Sorry :(

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