CERAMIC D.M. (not the current one, a year old)


Clockwork Golem
D'oh. I was looking forward to seeing the end result of this round too :(

Maybe we can convince clay to do a re-draw or something. I'm happy to go again :D

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arwink said:
D'oh. I was looking forward to seeing the end result of this round too :(

Maybe we can convince clay to do a re-draw or something. I'm happy to go again :D

someone exoplain what you mean by a redraw...i have all my pens out but don't think that will help...


Sorry everybody! Had to go out of town unexpectedly and just now got back. I'll judge the NOOC & BSC match as soon as I've unpacked the car, put the kid to bed and had a 5 minute lie-down. As for the AW & SP match, if arwink's up for it I say let em go again. Very gracious on your part arwink, but let it be known that I won one Ceramic DM because of NiTessine's generosity ;)



Looks like that 5-minute lie-down is gonna last all night :) Just wanted to let NoOne and Barsoomcore know that I'm not gonna get to judging until tomorrow midday. Sleep well, I know I'm going to....


barsoomcore & NoOneOfConsequence,

I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding between both of your stories. I've read em 3 times each and I still can't make up my mind. Have the other judges decided yet? I guess the wait is on...

Sorry for the tease of an update,



Clockwork Golem
Just a FYI, regardless of which ends up happening (re-do of the last round, or the progression to the next).

I'm going to be at a Con from Friday Night to Monday morning, so I'll be without computer access. If the round has to be run then, I'm happy to forfit in order to keep the event moving.


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maldur (back from gencon)

barsoomcore-The first thing I had to think about when I read his story is Samourai Cat
in the real world , and I love samourai cat! Th surrealistic madness of
mixed times and concepts! fantastic!

NoOneofConsequence did add the additional difficulty of continuing his
earlier entry, but It did n't really work for me. Its a nice story, But
barsoom core had me laughing out loud on several occasions.

Barsoomcore for me!


barsoomcore- this isn't what i expect from a ceramic d.m. entry, and i loved it. the story sounds
like the working mans complaints to me, and the bit about calling bees cracked me up. "useless stone lanterns" may now just be
a catchphrase in my little world. entertaining without sacrificing any story elements. i could have kept reading this for pages...

nooneof consequence- amateurish mercenary sees visions. i personally think no matter what happens in ceramic d.m. this story needs to eb continued in the sh forum. i really like what
you are doing with this.

in a close match, i have to go with barsoomcore.


I could go on and on about what I like in both of
these stories, but the real decision comes down to
what I don't like, so I'm going to focus on that in
both critiques, making them both shorter than normal.
I want you both to know that this was a hard decision
for me because I liked both entries so much. Okay,
let's begin.


Your comedic protagonist was at times funny and at
times annoying. It was hard to stay focused on the
story of an asian executioner when I kept hearing a
weird combo of Seinfeld and Shecky (sp?) Green in my
head. Also, I really can't stand opera or musicals, so
when you make reference to the Mikado, the score drops


Ah, the return of Treffin. I'm not sure if you made
the right decision bringing him back or not, but
what's done is done. This story doesn't flow as well
as the last one and some of the use of the ingredients
seemed a bit forced. Also, the plot device of having
Treffin's older self talking to him (whether real or
hallucinatory) was a little contrived.

In an almost split decision, I give this round to barsoomcore.

looks like everyone like noones, story, but the round goes unanimously to barsoomcore!


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barsoomcore vs arwink, the finals!!!!!!

pic 1 (of 6, mwu ha ha ha ha)


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