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Change Avatar and Signature`


Not sure how I'm missing this, but I can't seem to figure out where to navigate to in order to change my avatar image and my signature on the new forum. What am I missing?


I'm also having trouble changing avatars. When I go to the account details there is no section to change it. When I click Your Profile in the left sidebar I see my profile as if I were viewing anyone else's profile with no options to edit anything.


The Oyarsa of IRC
I changed my avatar when the forums came back up. I think its a theme, new forms. Time for a new avatar image.


Mod Squad
Staff member
Hmm... I spent some time looking at the account settings and preferences and could not find anywhere to edit this.
Go to the upper right corner of the page. Click on your username there. This should take you to your Account Details page.

Look to the left hand side - there's a navbar going down the side of the page. One of the options is "Signature".