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Well, that was fun
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I was wondering about that, too.

I'm still charged $3 a month for Copper but lost access to my signature before the changeover.

My signature is appearing now on the new forums, I just can't edit it.

I need to see how Xenforo imports subscriber accounts (or if it even does). We may need to start them all again, or it may import as-is.


Well, that was fun
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Not sure how it integrates with the forums, but it successfully charged me for silver AFTER the upgrade.

That's just an auto payment at PayPal. That can only be cancelled or altered by you -- nothing we do at this end can affect it.


Peace Among Worlds
EDIT: NVM boy do I feel like a dummy. Click spoiler for what I almost posted lol

I am sad to have paid for the silver membership for (to my recollection) at least 8 months (two four month periods) and to have had my signature disabled for (I think) the great majority of that time. I'll be blunt: a major part of my reason for interacting with this community is to promote the D&D and RPG products and writing I am trying desperately to make a living off of--right now they're my only TRICKLE of income because Office Depot fired me for being disabled and I'm not rich enough to hire a lawyer to sue them for ADA Title I discrimination--and specifically, I also expected that I wouldn't be able to post here as often as I'd like to (that supposition was correct) thus at least my signature with links to where you can buy my work would be present here amongst my old posts, even if I couldn't make as many posts here as I'd like to be making.

So, to be honest, I feel kind of screwed over by the whole new site/site overhaul timing wise. I mean, not that anyone intentionally screwed me over, certainly, just the timing...whole thing's kind of a bummer.

(Somehow I actually got signed up for copper and silver subscriptions, something must have gone haywire there, so I cancelled those from my PayPal--not because I'm salty over the 4 or 8 months I donated primarily for the purposes of having a visible signature and didn't get one, just because I'm poor AF and can't afford one subscription let alone a redundant one--and Morrus has generously agreed to refund those subscription charges.)

OH and no one is allowed to say anything bad about my openly admitting I come here (IN PART) to shamelessly promote my stuff or to judge me for it until they take a nice loooooooonnnnng moment to reflect on the difference between the amount of money I have in my bank account and the amount of money that A Touch More Class took in on Kickstarter. Those numbers are $82.47 USD and $122,168.75 respectively. My December rent is due the day after tomorrow. It's around $1,550. And it's COLD outside where I live. :/

But I do have a signature. Which is great.

But I still can't edit it which is boo-urns.
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Well, that was fun
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Wow. There's a lot to unpack there.

As I told you by email, I'm away, and I'll be getting to this when I get home on Monday.

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