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Level Up (A5E) Changes to Advantage


(he, him)
Especially don't go down the path of Pathfinder 2, where you often get conditional +1 bonuses. That is, not only are you getting nickel-and-dimed, you're required to remember increasingly byzantine conditions you need to fulfill to get your measly little bonus.

The way Talismans work in PF2 is among the most egregious examples of this I've seen in decades. It really irks me that so many Paizo fans refuse to condemn this subcategory of item design.
I do not really have an opinion on talismans, having yet yo use them, see them used, or really even read up on them. But I will note that a +1 bonus is often considerably more valuable than a +1 bonus in other d20-based systems. Up to twice as valuable.


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