Press [Chaosium] COVID-19 Shipping and Fulfilment Update - Dec 13 - Dates for Christmas Delivery

Michael O'Brien

We hope that you, your family, and your friends continue to be in good health.

From our fulfilment warehouses around the globe, here are the dates orders received on or before should be delivered in time for Christmas.
  • Australia (Aetherworks): Friday December 18
  • Canada (D6): Monday December 14
  • European Union (Black Monk): Thursday December 17
  • United Kingdom (Kixto): Thursday December 17
  • United States (Bang): Thursday December 17
Please be aware that postal delivery speeds are not guaranteed; there is always risk of delays, especially with the Covid‐19 situation.

We appreciate people buying direct. It has helped the company in these trying times.
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On behalf of the whole Chaosium team, wishing everyone all the best until the Stars are Right again.

— Rick Meints, president Chaosium Inc.

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