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[Chaosium] Our student collaboration 'Refractions of Glasston' (Call of Cthulhu) earns critical praise

In a creative collaboration between Chaosium and the Professional Writing department at Taylor University (Upland IN), Prof T.R. Knight took a group of students through the process of developing and publishing a RPG scenario, with mentoring by Chaosium's Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy. You can read about that process – involving picking a topic, outlining, researching, writing, editing, rewriting, proofreading, choosing art, laying out, and publishing the final book – in the updates we made throughout the semester.

The end result, Refractions of Glasston, was published in the Miskatonic Repository community content resource on DriveThruRPG. At the link are some reviews of the work: Unnatural Selections #33 - our student collaboration 'Refractions of Glasston' earns critical praise

REFRACTIONS OF GLASSTON is available free at the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG.
Prof TR Knight says the students would love to see more critical feedback about their work: leave a review at DriveThruRPG if you can!


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